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Featured Books

These are some of the new books that you can find on the shelves in the Learning Commons.

Brain training for riders : unlock your riding potential with stressless techniques for conquering fear, improving performance, and finding focused calm - Waldo, Andrea Monsarrat, authorAll The Lives I WantBlack's Student Veterinary Dictionary  TAL   
Indoor Green: Living with PlantsIt was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences.The Power of OffNEOS



Featured eBooks

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Teaming with your therapy dog by Ann R. HowieHydroelectric energy: renewable energy and the environment by Bikash PandeyConstruction detailing for landscape and garden design: Surface, steps and margins by Paul HenseyEbook Central
Errors in veterinary anesthesia by John LuddersClinical medicine of the dog and cat by Michael SchaerFungi in ecosystem processes by John DightonEbscohost


Downloading an eBook for the First Time

To access our eBooks for the first time you will have a few steps to set up first. You only have to do these once, after that it’s just a username and password.

Before downloading you will need:

  • An Adobe ID.

  • An Ebook Central and/or an EbscoHost username and password

  • An eBook reader app:
    • Apple or Android devices - Download and install the Bluefire app.
    • Windows - Download and install the Adobe Digital Editions reader.

1. The first thing you need is an Adobe ID.

Go to and click on the Sign In tab located in the top right hand corner. When prompted to sign in select the Get an Adobe ID link located under the blue sign in button. Follow the instructions to set up your Adobe ID.

*Note: you will need to authorize your reader app with your Adobe ID before downloading and reading an eBook

Downloading using an Apple or Android Device

If you are downloading on an Apple or an Android device, you’ll need to download the Bluefire Reader app from your app store. This is a free app that you must have to read your downloaded material. Sometimes, if you already have a reader app installed it will tell you that you can download onto that, but once you do the eBook will not open. You can only download and read Olds College eBooks through the Bluefire Reader app.

Downloading using a desktop/laptop computer

If you are downloading on a desktop or laptop you will need to download and install the Adobe Digital Editions reader on your computer. Once there, choose the program (either Macintosh or Windows) which suits your computer and then download and install.

 2. You can now search for your book by either using the NEOS library catalogue or by using one of our eBook search engines:

  • Go to the library homepage and search using one of the library catalogue search boxes. Once you find the eBook you are looking for click on the Olds College Access link. Depending on which collection the book is coming from you will be directed to either the Ebook Central or EbscoHost websites.

  • Search through one of our eBook search engines:

Ebook Central is an online digital library of full texts of over 70,000 scholarly e-books. It provides a set of online database collections that combine scholarly books from over 435 academic, trade, and professional publishers.

EbscoHost is a subscription package containing a large selection of multidisciplinary eBook titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter.

3. You will now be directed to either the Ebook Central or EbscoHost websites. If you already have an account, please sign in and download your book. If you don’t have an account follow the directions below:

Creating an Ebook Central account and downloading your eBook

Click on the Sign In button located in the top right hand of the website. You will need to click on the Create Account button and follow the onscreen instructions and then click okay. Once signed in and you have clicked the download button for the book you’d like, you will be prompted to select a download option. If you’d like the whole book make sure you check the special option button then click the OK button. Please note that only one patron may check out an eBook at one time. Maximum loan period will be either 7 or 14 days and you can renew. (After the loan time-period the book will no longer be readable.) The file will now ask you where to download the eBook to.  Remember to choose the Bluefire Reader app. Now the eBook will download to your device and appear in your reader.

Creating an EbscoHost account and downloading your eBook

Click on the sign in button located at the top right hand corner of your screen. Click on the Create a New Account link and follow the online instructions. Once you find the book you’d like click on the download(offline) button. You will be prompted to choose a checkout period, the maximum loan being 7 days. You will be able to renew. Please note that only one patron may check out an eBook a one time. Once you’ve selected your loan period, click on the Checkout & Download button. The file will now ask you where to download the eBook, remember to choose the Bluefire Reader app. Now the eBook will download to your device and appear in your reader.

If you have any trouble or questions, don’t hesitate to contact the library for support.

P: (403) 507-7777 |

Ebsco eBook Support Centre

Ebook Central eBook Support Centre

Library Catalogue

Using the Library Catalogue

The Library catalogue can be used to find books, eBooks, articles, reference materials, periodical titles, and media to suit your research needs.

Olds College library is a member of the NEOS consortium of libraries which is a group of Alberta libraries that have agreed to share their library materials. Materials located in these other libraries can be brought into the Olds College library free of charge for patrons use.

There are two ways to search the catalogue:

  • The Search All box searches all NEOS libraries and includes all books, databases, eBooks and other materials. Some of the items found this way are not directly accessible to Olds College patrons and must be acquired through an interlibrary loan (ILL). Searching this way can result in a large number of results. If the number of results is too large, you may have to do an advanced search to limit results. 

  • The Find Books/Search Books box searches for books, eBooks, and journals. You can choose to search only in the Olds College collection or search all the libraries of NEOS. You also have the option to search by title, author, subject, series title and journal title.
Search Books