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  • Welcome to OCCI
    The Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) is the scientifically acclaimed applied research division of Olds College. Olds College actively pursues involvement in applied research.
  • OCCI Programs
    OCCI provides student and new skills training and provide service to companies that seek new value in existing biofuel or waste-to-energy manufacturing sub-segments, such as waste recovery and valorization.
  • Compost
    The Composting Technology Centre is a full scale Class I composting facility situated on six acres of the Olds College campus. This research facility receives continuous shipments of organic residual from the communities within Mountain View County.
  • Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre
    The PTRC is a joint venture of Olds College and the Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF). The ATRF funds and directs the operations of the PTRC.

OCCI's Areas of Focus

Within OCCI, there are four unique research areas that demonstrate excellence, as measured by the connection to student learning, industry partnerships, government investment and the unique facilities and expertise we offer:


Turfgrass Research

Crops and Horticulture

Apparel Innovation Centre

Field Crops and Horticulture

Olds College is located on 2,000 acres of prime farm land in central Alberta. Our Field Crops and Horticulture division has a dedicated number of acres for applied research purposes. We also host the Bayer Crop Science regional research facility.


Our Crops and Horticulture research services are openly accessible to companies, entrepreneurs, and researchers on a fee-for- service basis. Services include:

  • testing new varieties
  • trials of novel fertilizers
  • pesticide trials
  • data collection
  • analysis


Our Crops and Horticulture team have a plot seeder and harvester for conducting field trials as well as

access to greenhouses and fully equipped labs.


Contact our Lead Scientist in Crops and Horticulture to understand our capabilities and to get a quote.

Dr. Paul Tiege, PhD
Phone: 403-507- 7701
Location: Olds College Centre for Innovation 4500 – 50 Street, Olds, Alberta T4H 1R6