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    The Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) is the scientifically acclaimed applied research division of Olds College. Olds College actively pursues involvement in applied research.
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    OCCI provides student and new skills training and provide service to companies that seek new value in existing biofuel or waste-to-energy manufacturing sub-segments, such as waste recovery and valorization.
  • Compost
    The Composting Technology Centre is a full scale Class I composting facility situated on six acres of the Olds College campus. This research facility receives continuous shipments of organic residual from the communities within Mountain View County.
  • Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre
    The PTRC is a joint venture of Olds College and the Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF). The ATRF funds and directs the operations of the PTRC.

Alberta Hops!

Survey Results

Hop Yard status update


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Dr. Paul Tiege


Alberta Hops!

The Olds College Hops Research Initiative (OCHRI)

Since its inception in 1913, Olds College has been an integral part of the central Alberta landscape – particularly as an intersection of fundamental knowledge and practical employment, and importantly a place to share information towards higher achievement. About 17 years ago, the College formalized the latter role into the Centre for Innovation (OCCI), the applied research and development department of the College. And though 100 years ago it wasn’t known by this description, the intent remains the same: advancing innovation-based rural economic development in Alberta.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with the numerous colleges, universities and research offices of Alberta's research corps to deliver the knowledge that businesses need to succeed and to make critical innovation decisions. Our mandate is the agriculture, horticulture, land and environmental management sectors through market-focused applied research and the development of enabling processes and new products.

Survey results

There are dozens of publicly-available cultivars. What are the most used and best representative for the brewing industry? Olds College surveyed Alberta's small brewers about their hops use and preferences to find out!  Find out what they said.


Hop Production

University of Vermont - hops project (fantastic resource with information on every aspect)
Growing Hops in Ontario - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Hop yard design resources

Michigan State University Extension (we used this template with small modifications)
University of Vermont
Olds College Research Hop Yard Design 2017
Olds College Hop Yard Cost Sheet
Ontaria Hop Growers' Association - selecting the right trellis design
Ontario Hop Growers' Association - resources
Nova Scotia - Hop Growers Guide 2013

Plants and rhizomes

Northern Girls Hopyard
Prairie Gem Hops
National Clean Plant Network
Crosby Hops

Hops Enterprise Budgets

developed by Michigan State University and the University of Vermont

Hops testing

Niagara College Research and Innovation
Commodity Lab Vancouver (CLV)

Pests, weeds and disease

Natural Insect Controls Recommendations Sheet
Hops Pesticides
Pest Control Products for Use in Ontario - ONT Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Top Hop Fungal Diseases for Alberta: Overview
University of Vermont - hops project
Northwest Crops & Soils Program - 2014 Hops Weed Management Trial
Pacific Northwest - Pest Management Handbooks - Hop Pests
PMN International - Plant Health Progress (powdery mildew)
APS - Compendium of Hop Diseases and Pest (not a free resource)
Washington State University - Hop Handbook - Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Hops

Hop Plant Growth Stages

Julius Kuhn Institut BBCH Scale 


University of Vermont
USA Hops

Growers groups

Ontario Hop Growers' Association
British Columbia Hop Growers Association