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    PTRC's Turf Under Research Field Day - TURF Day 2017 - August 24, 2017
  • Ever wonder what’s under you turf?
    PTRC offers consulting services to the turfgrass industry
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Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre

Controlled Environment

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T.U.R.F. Day
August 24, 2017

Katie Laura talking

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T.U.R.F. Day


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T.U.R.F. Day 

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The Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre

is a long standing joint partnership between Olds College/Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) and the industry led Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF). The PTRC conducts research and disseminates information regarding the management of turfgrass on the Canadian prairies. read more

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Thank you Walt

We wanted to take a moment to recognize the passing of one of the ATRF’s founder Father’s, Walt Gooder. Walt was a man of action, he saw a need and he filled it. Walt recognized the need to promote and foster applied research here in the province of Alberta, so he took action. In 1984 the ATRF was born. Walt played an active role at the ATRF, through mentoring the first two research directors: Hugh Knowles and Jim Ross. He led by example and taught us all that kindness, family and friends, and a sense of adventure are what matters most. Both the ATRF and the AGSA have Walt to thank for not only being a founding father of their groups, but for building our local turfgrass community into one that is now considered family. Thank you Walt.

Walt Gooder

Getting the Word Out

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Industry News

The fall season is here and both PTRC scientists Katie Dodson and Laura Chaves will be busy giving talks and presentations all over North America in various conferences and meetings. Below is a list of where you might find them.

American Society of Agronomy 2017 International Annual Meeting
October 22-25, 2017 Tampa, Florida
Evaluation of Compost Topdressing applications and Compost Tea applications on Sports Field Turfgrass Swards.

Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Conference and Energize Workshop
October 27, 2017 Lake Louise, Alberta
Closing the Loop in Green Waste Management through the Incorporation of Compost into Athletic Field Management

Green Industry Show
November 16, 2017 Calgary, Alberta
Strategies for Maintaining and Improving Quality in Home Lawns

Manitoba Golf Superintendents Annual Fall Conference
November 17, 2017 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winter Covers 101: What we have learned over the 15 years of evaluating winter covers in the Prairie Provinces. Improving High Traffic Areas through the Incorporation of Compost Topdressing

Alberta Golf Superintendents Association’s Property Managers Conference
November 27, 2017 Canmore, Alberta
Summary of past 3 years of research at the PTRC

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