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About PTRC

What is the PTRC?

The Prairie Turfgrass Research Center is a joint venture between the Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF) and Olds College in Alberta, Canada. The ATRF funds and directs the operations of the PTRC, while Olds College provides research personnel, office and lab space, and administration and accounting services.

What is the ATRF?

The Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF) is an association of turfgrass managers and other interested individuals who support current and relevant research in Western Canada. ATRF directs the operations of the PTRC through its Board of Directors. Foundation memberships and research partnerships provide funding for operations.

Who are ATRF members and why do they join?

The ATRF membership is comprised of groups and individuals who are involved and interested in turfgrass and its maintenance: golf courses; landscapers and other organizations involved in turfgrass maintenance; municipalities; companies and individuals who provide goods and services related to turfgrass; turfgrass producers; and other industry associations.  The primary motive for joining the ATRF is to have a voice in the research that is being performed at the PTRC and to make a positive impact on the turfgrass community.

How do I join the ATRF?

Easy! Click here for ATRF information. If you have any questions, contact the ATRF Administrator, Cory Mossing

Who conducts the research?

The research team consists of the Katie Dodson, Lead Research Scientist, and Laura Chaves, Research Associate. Katie and Laura also have a team of Research Technicians and student staff that help conduct the research projects. The majority of the research is conducted at the Olds College campus by the PTRC. However, some projects are conducted off-campus with turfgrass industry research partners.

What kind of research does PTRC do?

The prairie's short growing season offers many challenges for the turfgrass manager. The PTRC conducts research that focuses on maintaining turfgrass in a cold and dry climate. As interest in environmentally-conscious turfgrass management is increasing, the PTRC is investigating sustainable turfgrass management in the Canadian Prairie Provinces. This includes a broad range of topics, from reduction of winter injury and biotic stresses, alternative weed control, to water conservation and quality. The PTRC also conducts research into turfgrass product effectiveness and application requirements, fertility, and varietal testing.

What if I want research done?

Contact Katie Dodson ( to discuss your research needs. You can learn more about the type of research being conducted at the PTRC by visiting the Research page of this website.