Telesforo Gonzalez Mercado

Adjunct Scientist, Ph.D.

Dr. Telesforo Gonzalez Mercado is the Rector of Universidad Agroforestal Fernando Arturo de Merino (UAFAM) in the Dominican Republic.  He has worked with many international agencies including the Dominican Development Foundation, Dominican Center for Social Organizations, the Inter-American Foundation and the International Organization for Development Cooperation in Central America.   Dr. Gonzalez has worked with Olds College over the last 6 years to development the partnership between Olds College and institutions in the Dominican Republic.  His research interests are in Environment and Sustainable Development, Biodiversity and Sustainable Production Management.



Douglas Inglis

Ph.D., Adjunct Scientist

Dr. Inglis is a Senior Research Scientist at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Lethbridge Research Centre.  He is a microbial ecologist with general interests in the ecology of bacteria, fungi and protozoa including the study of zoonotic pathogens of humans.  Dr. Inglis has worked with OCCI on projects such as the Microbiological Degradation of Prions in the Environment.  His interest and expertise in molecular microbiology and microbial ecology of wetlands and compost compliment OCCI capabilities.


Jim Smith

Ph.D., P.Ag., Adjunct Scientist

Dr. Smith is a Principal at the Mancroft Resources Group, and was a past member and Chairman of the Olds College Board of Governors.  His area of expertise and practice is in Land Use, Environment and Sustainability.  He is a professional Agrologist and a member of Alberta Institute of Agrologists.


Ricardo Trejo Calzada

Adjunct Scientist

Dr. Trejo is a professor of plant physiology at the Chapingo University, URUZA Campus, Bermejillo, Durango State, Mexico. He has been Director of the College and he is currently the coordinator of Graduate Studies at the university. We currently have three of Dr. Trejo’s graduate students doing their research work at OCCI.

Neil Ross2.jpg

Neil Ross

Ph.D (Biochemistry), B.Sc. (Biochemistry), Adjunct Scientist

Neil is President and CEO of Ross Scinergy Inc., a consulting and technology development company based in Nova Scotia. He has over 25 years of experience in research and research leadership positions after obtaining his B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McGill University (Montreal, QC). Following a 2 year post-doc in a multi-national pharmaceutical research laboratory, he served for nearly 25 years as a researcher at the National Research Council of Canada  (NRC) conducting research in the fields of applied microbiology, enzymology, hemicellulytic enzymes, cancer research, fish disease and nutrition, shellfish biology and algal toxins. In his research career, he authored and co-authored over 65 peer-reviewed publications and has two patent applications.

His research background is broad, incorporating medical biochemistry, proteomics, genomics and applied microbiology including algal metabolism. As Director of Research at the National Research Council’s Institute for Marine Biosciences, he oversaw a multidisciplinary research team comprised of analytical and natural products chemists, cell and molecular biologists and bio-informaticions. In this role, he facilitated collaborations with other institutes and external partners. He then served as Lead of the NRC-Industrial Research Assistance Program Bioproducts Sector Team for four years where he assisted in building communications amongst various bioproducts stakeholders across Canada and supported companies in developing technologies, finding and facilitating strategic partnerships, as well as accessing research expertise.

Upon leaving the NRC in 2011, Neil has provided consulting services for a variety of companies, government agencies and academic institutions. He was a partner in the Halifax-based algae start-up, SABRTech, which won the Innovacorp International Clean Energy Competition in 2012. He is currently Vice-President Science and Technology for Haisley Millar Consulting Group. He is developing technologies and methodologies for yeast fermentation, large scale algae culture and bringing these innovations to market. He recently joined Symbiotic EnviroTek (Calgary, AB) as Vice-President Research and Development, and SuperSHELL Homes (North Bay, ON) as a Senior Adviser. He also is on the scientific advisory board of Syngar (Edmonton, AB).

Dr. Ross holds adjunct appointments at Dalhousie University, Cape Breton University and the Atlantic Veterinary College/University of Prince Edward Island and brings expertise in animal nutrition, biotechnology, genomic sciences, algae biochemistry, bioenergy, bioproducts and biofuels.