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  • Welcome to OCCI
    The Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI) is the scientifically acclaimed applied research division of Olds College. Olds College actively pursues involvement in applied research.
  • OCCI Programs
    OCCI provides student and new skills training and provide service to companies that seek new value in existing biofuel or waste-to-energy manufacturing sub-segments, such as waste recovery and valorization.
  • Compost
    The Composting Technology Centre is a full scale Class I composting facility situated on six acres of the Olds College campus. This research facility receives continuous shipments of organic residual from the communities within Mountain View County.
  • Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre
    The PTRC is a joint venture of Olds College and the Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF). The ATRF funds and directs the operations of the PTRC.

Technology Access Centre

Technology Access Centre
for Livestock Production

The Technical Access Centre for Livestock Production (TAC) at Olds College helps address industry issues around production efficiency, animal health and welfare, and environmental sustainability by giving livestock producers, technology developers, and small to medium enterprises access to expertise, facilities, testing services, training, and emerging smart agriculture technologies.

To facilitate and accelerate the Canadian livestock industries adoption of new technology the TAC provides field-testing and improvement of emerging technologies in ‘farm—like’ conditions assisting companies with the testing of feed, genetics, and precision livestock farming technology.

The TAC offers several applied research services for producers and industry including:

  • Residual Feed Intake Testing for beef and small ruminants
  • Trial protocol development and validation
  • Third party verification and field testing
  • Management of beef and small ruminant pen trials
  • Livestock procurement for trials
  • Agricultural student focus groups
  • Coordination of producer training

The applied research facilities and expertise allows innovative thinkers and businesses to test proprietary ideas and concepts in private, supported by the TACs robust confidentiality policy.

About the TAC

Thanks to funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the  TAC offers resources and services required to move the livestock industries technology needs forward.  Olds College’s vertically integrated beef program allows for technology and products to be tested at every step in production (seed stock, cow-calf, feedlot, processing).

In order to ensure that the TAC’s services and facilities are flexible and responsive to the needs of the Canadian livestock industry, a dedicated group of producers, experts, government officials, academia, and industry stakeholders provide direction and industry insight as members of the TAC advisory board members.

Our Facilities

Situated in Central Alberta, only an hour away from North Calgary, and two hours from Edmonton, the TAC is within close to proximity to many of the livestock industries major organizations and businesses.

The TAC offers a unique set of facilities for researchers to test and evaluate their cattle, product or new technology. 

  • Heated livestock centre and labs
  • Handling and sorting facilities
  • Tame and rotational grazing pastures
  • 120 cow crossbred herd (Simmental Gelbvieh, Angus)
  • Feedlot pens with a capacity for 560 head
  • Two 85’ x 150’ feeding pens
  • Two 110’ x 150’ feeding pens
  • Four 45’ x 60’ feeding pens
  • Sorting and handling pens with load out
  • Infrared cameras
  • Veterinarian room, classroom, offices, and cattle handling equipment (Crowd tub, single file chute, hydraulic and manual squeeze, electronic scale, RFID tag readers)
  • GrowSafe bunks installed in one 120’ x 150’ feeding pen and two 85’ x 150’ feeding pens

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

Your organizations intellectual property is yours and working with the TAC will not compromise or change that. Whether the TAC is organizing a pen trial for you, organizing a focus group, or supporting your business under a grant, you can think of the TAC as part of your organization's research and development team.

As is often the case with early-stage product development, intellectual property is not yet formally protected with patents, and must therefore be protected with confidentiality. The TAC and its partners take confidentiality seriously—we’re happy to work under an non-disclosure act if you wish—but regardless, you can be sure that our team understands confidentiality and the importance of keeping your intellectual property safe.


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