Research Facilities

OCCI Facilities & Laboratories

Olds College operates its research initiatives out of several facilities and laboratories, including:

  • Dr. Robert Turner Research Centre
  • Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production
  • Olds College Farm
  • Botanic Gardens & Constructed Wetlands
  • Research Greenhouses
  • Turfgrass Facilities and Plots
  • Field Plots
  • Composting Technology Centre

Dr. Robert Turner Research Centre OCCI research facility

The Dr. Robert Turner Research Centre is home to specialized laboratories to generate answers and provide solutions for industry partners through innovative programs and partnerships, scientific expertise, and access to extensive research sites. Analytical programs provide verifications through new technology and the access to land through Olds College’s agricultural and horticultural divisions allow for the testing of best practices in agriculture, agronomy, sustainable resources, energy sources, and new feed stocks. A diverse team of Olds College staff provides expertise ranging from microbiology and soil science to research and marketing.

Laboratories located within the Dr. Robert Turner Research Centre study:

  • analytical chemistry
  • organic and bio-based materials
  • plant stress physiology

Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production

OCCI livestock research facilityThis unique multi-million dollar, world-class facility serves multiple applied research projects. To address the pilot scale proof of concept required for new technology, the Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production offers a large biotechnology incubator space, as well as office and boardroom facilities. A wide range of services available in this facility include seed cleaning and processing, chromatography based analysis, fermentation, and ASTM biodiesel analysis.

The Technology Access Centre offers a unique set of facilities for researchers to test and evaluate their cattle, product or new technology, including:

  • heated livestock centre and labs
  • handling and sorting facilities
  • tame and rotational grazing pastures
  • 120 cow crossbred herd (Simmental Gelbvieh, Angus)
  • feedlot pens with a capacity for 560 head
  • two 85’ x 150’ feeding pens
  • two 110’ x 150’ feeding pens
  • four 45’ x 60’ feeding pens
  • sorting and handling pens with load out
  • infrared cameras

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Botanic Gardens & Constructed WetlandsOCCI Wetlands Research

Research takes many forms in the Botanic Gardens and Constructed Wetlands, and allows the College to partner and collaborate with many groups and organizations involved with horticulture, land and water management, and related fields.

The Constructed Wetlands are located in the newest phase of the Botanic Gardens and are used for a wide variety of teaching and research based purposes.

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Research Greenhouses

The research greenhouses are computer controlled to provide consistent, reliable environments for optimal plant growth. Five greenhouse compartments are dedicated to research, including one large isolation compartment with a separate entrance to meet requirements for containment. Control systems are available to monitor and adjust all aspects of heating, cooling, lighting and watering according to the project requirements.

The facility is equipped with alarms and backup control systems in the event of equipment malfunction or power interruption. The research greenhouses are supported by a microbiology laboratory, wet chemistry lab, tissue culture lab, and several Conviron growth chambers.

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Turfgrass Facilities & Field Plots

Turfgrass FacilityThe pastoral setting of Olds College’s 2060 acres of prime central Albertan farmland makes it a natural fit for agricultural, horticultural, and turfgrass research. The college has a dedicated Crop Research department to serve companies in seeking science-based solutions, with well maintained small plot field research facilities. The Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre consists of 3 hectares of land dedicated to cool season turfgrass research that focuses on the unique challenges the of Albertan environment. The PTRC consists of both creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass putting greens, two rainout shelters, and dedicated greenhouse and controlled environment chamber space to allow for year-round research
projects that focus on improving plant performance while minimizing inputs.

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Composting Technology CentreOCCI Compost Centre

The Composting Technology Centre is a full scale Class I composting facility situated on six acres of the Olds College campus. This research facility receives continuous shipments of organic residual from the communities within Mountain View County, as well as from the Olds College farm. The organic residues are composted using a windrow system. Smaller composting systems and processes are also offered onsite.

The Composting Technology Centre is under management by Stoney Soil Products Inc.

For compost inquiries, please contact Stoney Soil Products Ltd: 587.223.7645 or