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First Year Land Agent Program Returning in Fall

Land Agent Program April 19, 2017 - The Olds College Land Agent program will again accept first year students in the Fall of 2017. The 2016 intake for the program was postponed due in part to the struggling economic climate in Western Canada, but the Olds College Land Agent industry advisory committee has identified the need for the program to return and produce skilled, qualified Land Agent program graduates for upcoming years.

“Energy prices are recovering and the industry in Western Canada is stabilizing,” explains Andrew Fulford, Land Agent program alumna and current employee of Birchcliff Energy. “This should lead to opportunities for new graduates as companies begin to expand their operations.  Additionally there should be numerous opportunities for graduates in the renewable energy, utilities and pipeline transmission sectors and the government/regulatory sector.”

Land Agents collaborate with industry, government and landowners to negotiate the terms of acquiring land for infrastructure such as highways, well sites, pipeline routes, and alternate energy sites. Land is a precious resource that needs to be developed responsibly and today’s land professionals need to enter this evolving landscape with a broad understanding of the various uses and interests at play.  Exceptional people skills, problem solving abilities, and regulatory knowledge are critical to success in this industry. A well-trained land agent is in demand in both the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

“For over 35 years, the Land Agent program at Olds College has prided itself in preparing graduates to work as surface land professionals,” explains Nicola Millions-Hollamby, Instructor in the Olds College Land Agent Program. “We work with government, industry and the agricultural sector, and continue to adapt to changes in the field and provide our students with the expertise to become junior land professionals that can work in a broad market of employment opportunities.”

With our hands-on training in classrooms, labs and field settings, our Land Agent students learn how to play a pivotal role in the acquisition of land, including land acquisition, land administration, land and agricultural management systems, legal rights, petroleum fundamentals and specialized land and petroleum terminology. The Land Agent program is a two year program, with second year students participating in a practicum assignment to further develop their skills.

Olds College is recognized by industry as the leading educational institution in the training of surface land agents in Canada. The Olds College Land Agent program is strongly supported by CAPL (Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen), IRWA (International Right-of-Way Association), and AASLA (Alberta Association of Surface Land Agents), and most Olds College Land Agent students are members of these organizations, which allows them to interact with industry and build their professional network, making finding employment after graduation easier.

“The Land Agent Program at Olds College is recognized in the Energy sector as the place to look when hiring new Land Agents,” asserts Fulford. “The program teaches the students the base skills required for them to be successful in this industry.”

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