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Olds College Launches New Safety App

Olds College Alert

Olds College has launched an all new campus safety application, Olds College Alert.  Olds College Alert will help to keep students, staff, faculty, and visitors to Olds College safe. The app will push notifications to your iPhone, Android, Windows mobile device in emergency situations, such as inclement weather, evacuation situations, shelter in place scenarios, and much more.

Your smartphone is the most common way that you communicate and share with others. It is an integral part of your daily life. Download Olds College Alert today, and your smartphone will send you alerts in emergency situations, provide personal safety tools, and provide you with tips, maps and muster points to help you stay safe.

Olds College Alert features include:

  • Emergency notifications
  • Lists of emergency contacts
  • Olds College Emergency Plans
  • Reporting Tips to Campus Security
  • Campus Maps
  • Friend Walk
  • Safety Toolbox

To keep yourself safe at Olds College, please take the following steps,

  1. Download Olds College Alert
  2. Accept GPS Location Request
  3. Investigate Features
  4. Delete OC Emergency app (if you have it downloaded)
  5. Visit oldscollege.ca/campus-safety for full details on Olds College Alert

Download on the App Store  Download on Android - Google Play

As of December 15, 2018 the old OC Emergency App will no longer be in service and all emergency messaging will be sent through Olds College Alert.