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Apparel Innovation Centre Partners on Nationwide Sizing Survey

The Apparel Innovation Centre (AIC), a partnership between Olds College and AGM Wear Ltd. (Alberta Garment), is working with Human Solutions NA, Inc. on a 3D body scan size survey that aims to measure 1000 southern Albertans, from age 6 – 75, between now and March 13, 2019. The survey will include over 17,000 men, women and children from across North America when complete, and results will be shared with stakeholders from the apparel and automotive industries. To add incentive to this process, every person who completes the online survey and body scan will receive $20.

Precise knowledge of human body shapes is indispensable for the development of vehicles and apparel. The body measurements and proportions of the North American population have changed considerably in recent decades, as has the demographic structure of the USA and Canada. The measurement data and size tables that are currently in use derive from old data and can therefore only help the industry in a limited way. The changes that have occurred within the populations are not addressed and detailed information on specific target groups and market shares are currently not available. Additionally, data about children and young adults is also a major point of focus. People change, and the industry will use the information collected in this survey to make better customer oriented products.

“The data we acquire will be processed to obtain current body dimension statistics,” says Andrea Luebke, Project Manager of Human Solutions NA, Inc. “The survey will give us information that can be used by the automotive industry to determine new standards for safety, handling, and comfort in new product development. Results will also give apparel manufacturers the opportunity to optimize sizes and to assign current body proportions to their company-specific sizes systems.”

To participate visit to make an appointment, fill out the questionnaire (which will come to you with your email confirmation) and then visit the Apparel Innovation Centre to get your scan done. The on-site procedure will take about 15 minutes, including four 3D body scans, a foot scan and five measurements from hand.

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