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Be the Brewer Contest Announces Beer Style, Name Voting Closing Soon

Be the BrewerVoting for the beer style portion of the Alberta Beer Festivals’ #BeTheBrewer Contest, presented by Brightside, has commenced, and the winning style is the hefeizen.  Hefeweizen beers are unfiltered wheat beers that have yeast in them.  The wheat defines the beer, and the top-fermentation of the wheat is what gives the beer its refreshing crispness and light body.  They are typically highly carbonated and pour cloudy, thanks to the higher protein contained in wheat malt. Classic hefeweizen’s tend to have tastes of banana and clove.

Now that the style has been chosen, voting for the name is underway.  Finalists are:

  • Hefens Gate
  • Hot & Hefe
  • Ctrl-Alt-D’Wheat
  • Weizen Up!
  • Just Wheat It!

Voting is done online, and closes on February 12, so head to and submit your voice while you can.

The Olds College Brewery is once again supporting the #BeTheBrewer Contest, with the contest winners experiencing a Brew Day in the Brewery.