Be the Brewer

Brewery Supporting #BeTheBrewer Contest

Be the Brewer

Olds College Brewery is once again working with Alberta Beer Festivals (ABF) on the annual Brightside #BeTheBrewer contest. ABF has brought on new partner Brightside to give you the chance to #BeTheBrewer. Contest winners will experience what it is like to brew a beer at the Olds College Brewery.

The contest takes place in three phases. The first phase, which will be taking place from January 14 – January 20, includes voting on which beer style the final creation will be. The winning style will be selected at random from all voters. The second phase will take place in February in two stages, the first, submitting names for the beer, and the second, voting among a group of finalists.  The third and final phase of the competition is for label design, and is also held in two stages. Stage 3A is for submitting your label design, while Stage 3B is for voting for the finalists.

Winners for all stages will receive prize packages that include tickets to ABF events from around the province, and an invitation to the Brewing Day at Olds College.

For more information on the contest, and details on rules and how to enter, please visit


Be the Brewer - Step 1 Be the Brewer - Step 2 Be the Brewer - Step 3