Olds College Earns Beef Sustainability Stamp of Approval

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Olds College Earns Beef Sustainability Stamp of Approval

Certified Sustainable BeefFebruary 26, 2019  | Olds, Alberta

As a Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) certified operation, Olds College is now also recognized as a “Certified Sustainable” beef production facility, according to Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) standards following a third party certification process.

The CRSB Certified Sustainable Beef Framework is centered around two standards, each standard outlining several specific criteria (indicators) that producers are evaluated against across five Principles of Sustainability. The principles include:  

  1. Natural Resources: the beef value chain manages natural resources responsibly and enhances ecosystem health;
  2. People and the Community: stakeholders protect and respect human rights, and recognize the critical roles that all participants within the beef value chain play in their community regarding culture, heritage, employment, land rights and health;
  3. Animal Health and Welfare: producers and processors respect and manage animals to ensure a high standard of health and welfare;
  4. Food: stakeholders ensure the safety and quality of beef products and utilize information-sharing systems that promote beef sustainability; and
  5. Efficiency and Innovation: stakeholders encourage innovation, optimize production, reduce waste and add to economic viability.

With this certification, Olds College can now participate in beef supply chains interested in sourcing beef from Certified Sustainable Operations. This supports companies like McDonald’s to enable sustainable beef sourcing, and use of a CRSB Certified logo to show consumers their commitment to sustainable practices.

“As a post-secondary institution focused on agriculture, it is important for Olds College to raise our livestock using sustainable methods that support healthy animals, has minimal environmental impacts and offers transparency to the consumer,” comments Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “We are very proud that our practices meet the standard to be recognized as a Verified Beef Production Plus and CRSB Certified Operation.”

Olds College is a member of the CRSB. The College’s feedlot operation has capacity for up to 500 head of cattle each year and maintains a cow-calf breeding herd of 160 head, which supports the College’s National Meat Training Centre and on-campus retail store. In addition, the College’s Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production provides vital research and development services to the Canadian beef industry and is an active participant of the CRSB’s Scientific Advisory Committee.