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Olds College Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Zone Startups Calgary

Zone StartupsOctober 9, 2019 |  Olds, Alberta: Olds College and Zone Startups Calgary are pleased to announce that they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate and support early stage agriculture technology companies with technical and commercial validation through the Olds College Smart Farm and Zone Startup Calgary’s program offerings.

Zone Startups Calgary is an Alberta-based accelerator that has partnered with GE Canada, Baker Hughes General Electric and TELUS to accelerate the commercialization of innovative digital technology companies within the agricultural, energy and transportation sectors.  In addition to Calgary, Zone Startup programs operate in Toronto, India and Vietnam.

“Zone Startups is a natural partner for Olds College,” comments Jason Bradley, Director Smart Agriculture, Olds College. “Their innovation mandate and commitment to supporting the development of early stage companies strongly aligns with the Olds College Smart Farm and our purpose of creating a place for innovation, validation, demonstration and scaling of agriculture technology through industry partnerships.” 

Zone Start-UpsJoe Martini, Director Zone Startups Calgary, comments that “Olds College is a leader in Smart Farm technology and Zone looks forward to introducing its AgTech portfolio companies to pilot test and validate their technologies at Olds College Smart Farm as well as providing technology companies currently collaborating with Olds College Smart Farm with commercialization programming and support.  The Olds College/Zone Startups collaboration will make a meaningful impact on the AgTech community and lay a foundation for expedited technology commercialization.”   

The Olds College Smart Farm is an exciting initiative that is transforming the College’s existing farm into a farm of the future by incorporating the latest technologies aimed at improving productivity, while efficiently and sustainably using resources.  The Smart Farm is creating a cutting-edge learning environment for students and life-long learners, and is committed to evolving the agriculture industry through ag technology applied research.