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Olds College Welcoming Kenyan Delegation For 2nd Time This Year

Kenya WelcomeOlds College will be hosting a delegation from Kitale National Polytechnic (KNP) in Kenya, from April 29 - May 3 as part of the KEFEP-01 development project with Colleges Institutes Canada (CICan). The delegation will be undergoing training related to the administration of the Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Technician program being developed.

The delegation includes Fanuel Opondo (Principal of Kitale National Polytechnic), Sally Lukuyu (Deputy Principal) and Stella Khaemba (Enumerator Officer).

This project is a part of a partnership with CICan, Algonquin College, Durham College and Kitale National Polytechnic. The collaboration includes developing a new curriculum for Kitale National Polytechnic’s new Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Technician program, procuring equipment to use in instructing the program, and ‘train-the-trainer’ missions. These missions will help to ensure that KNP is equipped to teach competency based curriculum on new equipment.

Following the delegation’s visit to Olds College, they will be attending the CICan conference in Niagara Falls, along with delegates from Olds College International.

Join us to welcome the delegation to Olds College, on Tuesday April 30, at 1:30 p.m. in The Learning Commons.