Pride Flag Raised to Celebrate Inclusivity


Pride Flag Raised to Celebrate Inclusivity

Olds College staff raised the pride flag on campus to celebrate inclusivity and to kick off pride month 2020. “As an Olds College staff member and a member of the LGBTQ community, to be able to raise the pride flag today is a very special moment. Seeing who was here today, shows us we have allies from our leadership team to our student body, and demonstrates how fantastic and welcoming this campus is,” comments Trina Radcliffe, Manager, Broncos Athletics. 

June also celebrates the first anniversary of the Olds College Gay-Straight Alliance which is composed of faculty, staff, students, and guests from Olds High School. The OCGSA hosted several events throughout the year including a presentation from Pam Rocker, the creation of the campus “Safe Spaces” program, and taking part in the Calgary Pride Parade.

 “As a student athlete at Olds College, it’s really important that we all feel accepted and appreciated for who we are,” comments Jesse Stoddart, student, Olds College. “I was happy to be here today to represent the student body as we raise the flag on campus.”  

“I’m really proud of the work of the GSA and this is a symbol of that work and that our campus does support diversity and inclusion.” comments Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College.

The Olds College Health & Wellness team will be providing activities and information for students and staff during Pride Month through the weekly newsletters.