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Our Alumni

Olds College alumni

Olds College Alumni Association (OCAA)

Membership in the Olds College Alumni Association is open to any person who has attended the College. Past and present College staff and faculty are also members of our Alumni Association. The OCAA strives to help alumni stay connected to their fellow alumni, and to Olds College. Alumni are always welcome to visit Olds College.

What Did Alumni Say?

On September 18, 2018 the board of directors for the Olds College Alumni Association (OCAA) agreed to run an online survey. The purpose of this survey was to assess the demographics of the Olds College (OC) alumni base that will interact with our publications. This data will be taken into consideration when planning future alumni events.

OCAA Alumni Survey Results

OCAA Board

The OCAA Board represents the alumni constituency, providing advice, and determining policy. Board members are elected and serve without financial remuneration. The Alumni Board meets four times annually. If you are interested in being more involved with the OCAA or being a part of any sub-committees, contact the OCAA or the Alumni Office.

The Directors and Officers of the Association constituting the Board are:

  • President: Ed Shaw, Class of 1971, Agricultural Mechanics

  • Vice President: Vacant

  • Secretary: Vacant

  • Treasurer: Vacant

  • Director: Stephanie Wakefield, Class of 2019, Hospitality & Tourism

  • Director: Brent Thygesen, Class of 2012, Land Agent

  • Director: Laura Ecklund, Class of 2008, Ag Business Degree
  • Director: Cole Christie, Class of 2016, Land & Water Resources

  • Director: Julia Postman, Class of 2018, Agriculture Management

  • Olds College Faculty Association Representative: Bertrand Bickersteth, Instructor, Communications

  • Students’ Association of Olds College Representative: Shelby McKinlay, VP of  Student Life

  • Olds College Communications Coordinator: Tay Miller, Communications Coordinator

Alumni Association Call for Board Members

The OCAA Board represents the alumni constituency, providing advice, and determining policy. Board members are elected and serve without financial remuneration. The Alumni Board meets virtually four times annually. If you are interested in being more involved with the OCAA or being a part of any sub-committees, contact the OCAA or the Alumni Office at alumiassociation@oldscollege.ca.

The Olds College Alumni Association Board of Directors is currently recruiting new Board members and volunteers.  They are looking for individuals to serve on the Board in a variety of roles, including the following: 


  • Chairs all board meetings and is responsible for leadership of the Board

  • Recommends to the board which committees are to be established and serves ex officio as a member of committees and attends their meetings when invited

  • Ensures that board matters are handled properly, including committee functioning, recruitment of new board members, orientations, and meeting preparation

  • Liaise between alumni board and College executives

  • Helps guide and mediate board actions with respect to organizational priorities

  • Monitors financial planning and financial reports

Vice President

  • Acts as the President in his or her absence

  • Works closely with the President to assist with his or her duties


  • Organizes board meetings, including virtual meeting setup, agenda preparation and preparing minutes. Ensures minutes are distributed to members in a timely manner after each meeting

  • Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of the organization’s records

  • Liase with College to keep web up-to-date and other administrative duties

  • Manages social media feeds in conjunction with College Social Media policy

  • Responsible for monitoring Alumni Email account and responding in a timely fashion

  • Support museum volunteers to ensure smooth operation


  • Manages the finances of the organization, including the board’s review of and action related to, financial responsibilities

  • Ensures appropriate financial reports are made available to the board

  • Regularly reports to board on key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health

  • Provides annual budget to the board for members’ approval

Directors at large

  • General board member for voting purposes

  • Sit on various committees in support of the organizations mission & vision

All board members are looked upon to share the Alumni story and promote the  college in various ways. If you are interested in these volunteer positions and joining our prestigious Board, please email alumniassociation@oldscollege.ca

Annual Alumni Reunion

Every summer, Olds College Alumni return to Olds College to reminisce about the past, reconnect with friends and former classmates, and re-energize your relationship with the Olds College Alumni Association.

Our reunion gives us a time to honour the class that is celebrating its 50th Anniversary - that means all of our Class of 1968 graduates will be honoured at our 2019 reunion.

The Alumni Reunion will include tours of the campus, including some of our newest facilities, like the new Centennial Village Student Housing facility, and the Olds College Brewery. The weekend will also include a dance, the Hall of Fame and Hall of Merit Induction Ceremony, and plenty of time to socialize with friends.

Alumni Museum

The Alumni Museum maintains an impressive collection of archives and artifacts that ensure our rich century-long history is preserved as a legacy for future generations. The collection is used by members of the college community for reference or displayed at events showcasing Olds College’s distinguished achievements. It is maintained by our dedicated Museum Committee, a group of caring volunteers dedicated to ensuring that future generations of Olds College students can see how things used to be.

The Museum is located on the lower level of the Learning Resource Centre. 

Hours vary throughout the year. Call 403.507.7953 to arrange an appointment. 

Alumni Association Museum Photos

  • Alumni Museum display

Awards & Prizes

OCAA honours deserving alumni and supports current students as they work their way toward graduation. We do this through five different awards and prizes  that are presented annually.

  • Good Samaritan Award - Established in 1978, this award is a tribute to Frank Stevens, Class of 1924. The award is presented to a student who demonstrates unselfishness, generosity, compassion, a love for people and celebrates the success of the individuals with disabilities.

  • OCAA Entrance Bursary - Awarded to five first or second year students, the OCAA Entrance Bursaries are based on financial need and activity in the community. Recipients must have a grade point average of 2.50 or higher.

  • OCAA Proficiency Prizes - Awarded to two students every year, our Proficiency Prizes are awarded to graduating students who have shown excellence in academics, leadership, and participation in extra-curricular activities.

  • OCAA Graduation Award - Presented to a graduating Olds College Students Association elected member, the Graduation Award rewards student leadership, positivity, and excellence in academics and activity in student groups, clubs, and teams.

Hall of Fame and Hall of Merit

The Olds College Alumni Association gives special award to alumni or former college staff who have distinguished themselves by making significant contributions to Olds College, the community, society, and/or their chosen career or industry. The awards are presented at an Awards Reception is held at the annual Summer Reunion in July. Stop by the lower level of the Learning Resource Centre to see the Alumni Hall of Fame (eligible to alumni age 41 years or older) and Alumni Hall of Merit (eligible to alumni age 40 years or younger) inductees.  

View Hall of Fame / Hall of Merit