Smart Farm Articles & Stories

  • Answering the Digital Ag Question

    Industry partners and producers have identified that Ag digitization represents the one of the biggest opportunities – and one of the greatest barriers – for the future growth and development of the sector.  However, data is often a double-edged sword: too much is choking many producers, and too little is preventing enhanced decisions that can strengthen production, sustainability and profitability. 

  • Finding Solutions for Real-World Problems

    Olds College knows that it has a responsibility to facilitate innovation throughout the ag sector and help producers, business and industry find solutions to real-world problems. We also know that successful research begins with building the right team.  That’s why Olds College was delighted to recruit Dr. Joy Agnew as the Associate Vice President of Applied Research and head of the Olds College Centre for Innovation in January 2019.

  • HyperLayer Data Concept

    Alex is introducing a HyperLayer Data Concept to the Olds College Smart Farm.  The next generation of digital farming technologies, based on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), requires comprehensive training datasets with geographical coordinates. The main difficulty is that various types of information comes from different sources and in different formats. Even classical types of statistical analysis, such as correlation, regression etc., require data to be standardized and stored in the same format.

  • Olds College Crop and Livestock Plan 2020

    Olds College Smart Farm includes 1,843 acres of land for crops and forage production (1,117 acres on main campus, 418 acres across highway 2, and 308 acres at Pitstra Farm - excluding ponds, roadways, and natural areas). 

  • Renewed Approach to Agronomic Management

    The Olds College farm has historically focused its usable farmland to support the needs of the college’s livestock enterprises through hay, pasture, silage, feed grains and some cash grain. However, with the introduction of the Olds College Smart Farm a new agronomic approach is required to support the needs of students, staff, researchers and industry partners.

  • Werklund School of Agriculture Technology

    Launched in September 2019, the Werklund School of Agriculture Technology is committed to providing a one-of-a-kind learning experience that prepares students for future-focused careers and leadership roles throughout the ag sector.