Land Agent Licensing

Continuing Education Land Agent Licensing

What can you expect from the program/course?

In Alberta, a person must be a licensed land agent to negotiate with a landowner for certain surface or right of way agreements. Typically these agreements are for drilling and mining operations, laying of pipelines, construction of power lines and the construction of roads. The agreements are for interests in land that, in the absence of an agreement, could be taken without the owner’s consent.

Land Agents are licensed and regulated under the Land Agents Licensing Act. The Act also provides for the establishment of an advisory committee, setting controls over negotiations, dealing with complaints about land agents and the exemption of certain people from the application of the Act. The administration and control of the Act is presently under the department of Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education. Currently the Act is administered by the Professions and Occupations branch in Edmonton.

The Land Agents Licensing Act has one regulation – the Land Agents Licensing Regulation. The Land Agents Licensing Regulation outlines the requirements to obtain a licence, sets standards of conduct for land agents to follow, and establishes certain procedures that must be followed when negotiating for an interest in land.

What will you learn?

This distance learning course will review all relevant information in the reference manual for Alberta Land Agents which was developed by members of the Land Agent Advisory Committee. Through the course students will write instructor prepared land agent’s exams that will prepare them for the government land agent license exams.

How to Become a Land Agent:

  1.  Obtain an Interim Land Agent License
  2.  Enrol in the Olds College online course LND 6045 Land Agent Licensing
  3.  Train to become a Permanent Land Agent under the terms of the Training Agreement
  4.  Apply for a Permanent Land Agent License

More Specific Details

Program at a glance

Length of Program: 10 Weeks

Delivery Method: Online

Program Dates: TBD

Tuition: $1199

Required Text & Materials: You will be required to use the most recent version of the text "Reference for Alberta Land Agents".