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Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Certificate One Year Certificate | September Intake

If you want to get your hands on the newest and largest industry equipment in service come to Olds College. This comprehensive program will give you a thorough understanding of engines, hydraulics, braking, electrical, starting, charging, fuel systems and more. Our classrooms are discipline specific (i.e. motor lab, machinery lab) with small student to instructor ratio and personal workbenches.

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Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Diploma One plus One Year Diploma | September Intake

After program completion, you have the option of writing apprenticeship exams for full technical accreditation towards your specific trade. You will also be well placed to attain Alberta Journeyman Status pending completion of job training hours specified by Alberta Industry Trade Board. Students may be eligible to write their third and fourth period technical training exams with AIT and are credited a portion of their on-the-job training hours towards their desired trade.

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Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprenticeship Eight Weeks Technical Training | Fall & Winter Intakes

Combine a rural lifestyle with a technically challenging career working across all the latest agricultural machinery such as GPS precision farming. You will be prepared to repair and overhaul engines, mechanical and power shift transmissions, tractor hydraulic and electrical systems, tillage machinery, and spraying and harvesting equipment.

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Agricultural Management Diploma Two Year Diploma | September Intake

Receive a comprehensive education working in production agriculture, agribusiness, or businesses that process, market and distribute products from agriculture. You will gain skills in crops and livestock, finance, agribusiness management, marketing and the latest technology.

Delivery: On Campus

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Agriculture Communications Certificate One Year Certificate | September Intake

Combine your passion for agriculture and storytelling with the new Agriculture Communications certificate. The first of its kind offered in Canada, this one year program prepares you for a meaningful career supporting the agriculture and agri-food industry in communications and marketing. 

Agriculture Communications Certificate

Agriculture Sales & Customer Support Certificate 10 Months Certificate | Fall Intake

Agriculture is the fastest growing industry in Canada and producers are busier than ever. To meet the increasing demand, producers look to agricultural sales, customer and technical support representatives as the experts in emerging ag tech trends, for innovative solutions.

Agriculture Sales & Customer Support Certificate

Agriculture Technology Integration Post-Diploma Certificate One Year Post-Diploma Certificate | September Intake

Designed for students who already have a diploma, degree or journey-person certification in a related field, such as mechanics, agriculture, land, environment, technology or engineering. The new Agriculture Technology Integration Post-Diploma Certificate will provide you with an understanding of how related technologies interact to provide accurate information and real-time monitoring data to the agriculture producer. Learn to link emerging technologies with existing farm infrastructure to enable producers to maximize their time in the field.  

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Animal Health Technology DiplomaFifteen Month Accelerated Diploma | Summer, Fall, & Winter Intakes

This accelerated diploma will equip you to provide hands-on care to both large and small animals. You will be taught a Canadian Veterinary Medical Association accredited curriculum delivered by staff boasting over 150 years of accumulated veterinary experience! You will learn diagnostic laboratory procedures, animal disease, anatomy and physiology, surgery and anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, dentistry and client communication.

Delivery: Blended (Online and On-Campus)

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Arboriculture Technician Certificate Four Month Certificate | January Intake

Arboriculture Technicians learn and apply guiding principles of tree care and management in sustainable urban ecosystems. Students adhere to current industry safety standards and practices while honing your skills indoors in our unique Landscape Construction Pavilion, and outdoors on the Olds College campus.

Delivery: On-Campus

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Bachelor of Applied Science - Agribusiness Bachelor of Applied Science | September Intake

Earn your Agribusiness focused applied degree (BASc) in a minimum of 16 additional months. Entry requires completion of a two year diploma (2.5 GPA) in agriculture or a related discipline. Invest 8 months in the classroom at Olds College preparing to complete 8 months in a paid, mentored Directed Field Study with an employer of your choice approved by Olds College.

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Bachelor of Applied Science - Golf Course Management Bachelor of Applied Science | November Intake

The final two years of the Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) Degree in Golf Course Management will see students working in a blended format that includes online study, study on our Olds Campus, and a direct field study.

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Bachelor of Applied Science - Horticulture Bachelor of Applied Science | September Intake

Building on your first two years studied in the Horticulture Technician Diploma, your final two years of the Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) - Horticulture will be a combination of online and on campus studying, along with a one year Direct Field Study.

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Bachelor of Digital Agriculture Four Year Degree | September Intake

Lead change in regenerative agriculture and tackle global sustainability issues with our new Bachelor of Digital Agriculture degree. With a focus on leadership and management, this four-year program explores solutions to real-world problems using digital agriculture technologies and practices that are centered on sustainability, including social, economic, and environmental impacts. 

Bachelor of Digital Agriculture Degree

Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management Two Year Diploma | September Intake

The Brewmaster and Brewery Operations program targets a diverse range of enthusiasts and professionals who see this as a valuable career opportunity in a vibrant and continually growing industry.

Learn the art, science and the business of brewing in our 2,300 square foot teaching brewery from staff with extensive experience in the brewery business. Our Brewery Retail Store adjacent to the teaching brewery will provide you with the opportunity to connect with prospective customers. Students will receive a solid grounding in technical, analytical, business and marketing skills developed under the direction of the Canadian Food and Wine Institute (CFWI).

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Business Management CertificateOne Year Certificate | September Intake

Develop your business skills to the next level with Business Management. After completion of the first year in the Business Management certificate, students have the option of returning to complete the second year of the Business Management diploma.

The Business Management Certificate teaches you how to manage resources (people, money, time and materials) and to reach organizational goals in today’s technologically complex and competitive environment. Olds College provides business students with a unique learning opportunity and experience.  It is one of the first Colleges in Canada to offer students such a progressive learning program.

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Business Management Diploma - General Management Major One plus One Year Diploma | September Intake

A continuation of the 1 year Business Management Certificate, the Business Management Diploma will give students a more in depth analysis of the tools needed to succeed in business.

This program has a focus on project-based learning, working alongside clients and business owners in problem solving situations that put theories into practice and learning about different subjects simultaneously.

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Business Management Diploma - Sports Management MajorTwo Year Diploma | September Intake

Sport Management professionals combine the administration of sport, fitness and recreation with the foundations of business to work as leaders and planners in an ever-changing field. If you're organized, adaptable, and passionate about sports, fitness and recreation, Olds College Sport Management program could be just what you're looking for.

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Equine Care & Management Certificate One Year Certificate | September Intake

Turn your passion for horses into an exciting and rewarding career in the equine sector, with the Equine Care & Management certificate program. Through this program, you will learn foundational knowledge and skills of equine behaviour and handling, management of horses and horse herds, how to respond when first aid is required and how to communicate effectively within the equine industry. 

Equine Care & Management Certificate

Equine Reproduction TechnicianOne Year Certificate | October Intake

This eight month program of blended learning is aimed at providing graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in or operate an equine breeding facility.  The program combines four months of online learning with four months of onsite, hands-on training.

Delivery: Blended (Online and Olds Campus)

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Farrier ScienceOne Year Certificate | September Intake

Olds College Farrier Science certificate program is recognized as providing the finest farrier programming in North America. The program covers trimming, forging and fitting handmade shoes combined with horse anatomy, physiology, welding, record keeping, and business management. Students will learn to recognize and deal with hoof and gait problems by practicing traditional and modern approaches to forging custom shoes.

Delivery: On-Campus

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Heavy Equipment Operator CertificateTwelve Week Certificate | Fall & Winter Intakes

Olds College’s Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate (HEO) is an Alberta Advanced Education papers approved program. Our comprehensive program is developed with industry to keep up with the demands in the workforce. The mix of classroom theory and practical skills are a balance supported by industry. Students are eligible to receive Alberta Student Aid which may cover a significant portion of the program cost.

Delivery: Olds Campus & On Location

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Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship Eight Weeks Technical Training | Fall & Winter Intakes

This program allows you to work with both on and off road equipment, from heavy transport haulers to excavators. Heavy Equipment Technicians repair and overhaul engines, mechanical & power shift transmissions, hydraulics, and basic electrical systems on the largest and most powerful equipment.

Delivery: Olds Campus

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Horticulture Technologist Diploma Two Year Diploma | September Intake

Sustainability, water management, production horticulture, and urban agriculture are vital elements of the world we live in. The Horticulture Technologist Diploma provides you with a deeper understanding of horticulture, including the production and management of plants, the management of pests, landscapes, soils and water systems to achieve productive and sustainable systems. You will get to take part in Field School, where you get to work with a company to put your studies into practice, and earn a wage while you learn.

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Hospitality & Tourism ManagementFifteen Month or Two Year Diploma | August Intake

Prepare for a fulfilling career in the exciting hospitality and tourism industry with the Hospitality and Tourism diploma. During this program, you’ll be equipped with practical knowledge and skills required for exceptional front-line guest experience, as well as leadership and management skills to pursue exciting supervisory and management careers.

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Land & Water Resources Diploma Two Year Diploma | September Intake

Get involved in Land Reclamation and Remediation or Environmental Stewardship and Rural Planning, through the only certified planning diploma in Western Canada. Put yourself on a career path constructing a positive and sustainable environment for future generations.

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Landscape Horticulturist Apprenticeship Eight Weeks Technical Training | Fall & Winter Intakes

As an Apprentice Landscape Horticulturist you will be on target for a rewarding career as a Journeyman Landscape Horticulturist. Blend your learning in the classroom with on the job training. Our accomplished and qualified faculty will show you the skills you need to be a successful professional. Earn your certificate while working in parks or golf course maintenance, horticulture marketing and nursery or greenhouse production.

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Meat Processing Certificate Fifteen Week Certificate | Fall, Winter, & Spring Intakes

Olds College is the National Meat Training Centre for Canada and three times a year our program takes in a wide range of students from all over North America. We teach techniques for professional meat cutting, trimming, boning, breaking, wrapping, sausage-making and curing with professional sanitation and food safety applications, including HACCP. We are Alberta’s training site for humane handling and stunning – and the only program in North America that teaches slaughter skills and techniques such as skinning, eviscerating and carcass preparation.

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Open Studies No Credential | September & January Intakes

Open Studies programs are designed to help you find the areas that you are most passionate about so you can decide which program you want to join. These programs help you explore credit courses from a range of Olds College programs and ease into the post-secondary environment.

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Post-Diploma Certificate (Various) Post-Diploma Certificate | September Intake

The one-year Post-Diploma Certificate (30 credits) at Olds College is designed to enhance your previously obtained post-secondary education with practical and employable skills in an area of specialization. Through a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on learning on the Olds College farm, landscape pavilion, in greenhouses, and in-field experiences, students will benefit from small class sizes and instructors with extensive knowledge and experience.

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Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy Diploma Two Year Diploma | September Intake

Graduates from this program will be prepared for careers that require a deep understanding of the connectedness between agronomy, agriculture machinery/purpose built network management, and data sciences. Students will engage in hands-on training on our Olds College Smart Farm ecosystem, focusing on integrating precision technology and agronomy and enhancing decision support systems through actionable and effective on-farm decision making. Graduates will be prepared to work in fast-paced environments where emerging technologies are constantly influencing the industry.

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Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technician Twelve Week Certificate | Fall & Winter Intakes

The Olds College Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technician program prepares the graduate for entry level positions in the heavy equipment sector.  It covers basic diagnostics, repair, and maintenance of heavy equipment and its various components. Worksite fundamentals including occupational health and safety are emphasized throughout the training.  This program is the equivalent to the technical training of first year apprenticeship, with additional instructor contact hours.

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Pre-Employment Motorcycle MechanicTwelve Week Certificate | Winter Intake

Motorcycle enthusiasts have a true passion for the open road and for ensuring their bikes are performing at a top-notch level. Whether you are looking to begin your career as a Motorcycle Mechanic, or you are a hobbyist looking for professional training, the Pre-Employment Motorcycle Mechanic program might be a fit for you. This twelve week program will prepare you to use industry procedures for entry level assembly, maintenance, repairs, and restoration of motorcycles and multi-wheeled lightweight all-terrain vehicles.

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Pre-Employment WelderTwelve Week Certificate | Fall & Winter Intakes

The Olds College Pre-Employment Welder program prepares the graduate to perform entry level welding of metals in the repair, maintenance, fabricating or manufacturing of a wide variety of metal equipment and components. The program also focuses on workplace fundamentals and occupational health and safety training. This program is the equivalent to the technical training of first year apprentice.

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Transitional Employment ProgramOne Year Certificate | August Intake

The Transitional Employment Program (TEP) is an eleven-month program for adults with developmental disabilities. Olds College has proudly provided this program since 1981. The program helps graduates gain skills needed to enter and maintain employment. Staff work closely to support students and employers to establish goals, monitor progress, and evaluate achievement. 

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Turfgrass Management DiplomaTwo Year Diploma | January Intake

During the two on-campus portions of this program, students will experience hands on learning in our impressive facilities.  The unique Bank of Montreal Landscape Construction Pavilion will ensure students experience hands-on bunker or irrigation construction irrespective of the weather.  The computer controlled greenhouses and living labs enable applied turfgrass research with the support of industry partners who  supply the latest service equipment.  

Students will complete three field schools (6 months in total) and three Internships (6 months in total) to put into practice their knowledge and gain valuable hands-on experiences in the Turfgrass Industry.  

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Veterinary Medical Receptionist CertificateOne Year Certificate | September Intake

Do you enjoy working with people and share a love for animals? The Veterinary Medical Receptionist (VMR) provides client care as the “face of the practice” and hands-on animal care to farm and companion animals, both large and small. The Veterinary Medical Receptionist certificate is currently offered in two delivery methods:

On-Campus Delivery: This 8-month certificate program begins in September and culminates with a four week industry practicum. During their studies, VMR students will learn to understand the importance of the VMR role. We recommend you seek a job shadowing opportunity at your local veterinary clinic.

Online Delivery: Complete the VMR program from home! The new online delivery method will allow students to complete two courses per 7-week block (total of 10 courses). Running from September to August, students will gain their certificate through a combination of distance learning, a one week on-campus laboratory, and an industry practicum.

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Veterinary Technical Assistant CertificateFour Month Certificate | September Intake

The Veterinary Technical Assistant is a valued member of a veterinary practice team and works alongside veterinary professionals, Animal Health Technicians, and shelter staff in the small animal industry. In this program, you will learn the principles and procedures of the veterinary industry through a combination of classroom and hands-on work with small animals in our hospital setting. You will learn about veterinary equipment, instrumentation, patient preparation, and animal handling skills.

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Welder Apprenticeship Eight Weeks Technical Training | Fall & Winter Intakes

First Period Training Topics include: workplace safety and tools; oxyacetylene cutting; plasma arc cutting and gouging; welding technology fundamentals and properties of metals; wire feed welding, gas metal arc welding (GMAW), flux cored arc welding (FCAW), metal-cored arc welding (MCAW), and submerged arc welding (SAW); and trade math.

Second Period Training Topics include: shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) I and II; gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW); and pattern development and estimating.

Third Period Training Topics include: SMAW III; welds on mild steel plate and pipe; drawing interpretation; and trade science (testing, metallurgy, codes).

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