Alberta Hops

Alberta Hops Bud

With the exploding popularity of the craft beer market in western Canada, and specifically Alberta, the demand for locally sourced ingredients has also increased substantially. Hops are a relatively new crop for Alberta growers. Everyone knows someone with a backyard hop plant they can't get rid of - but that doesn't mean they're growing good hop cones!

93% of producers surveyed have suggested that there is not a sufficient supply of local hops to meet the demand of the industry.

The strobile, or cone, contains the resins that brewer's prize. And the development of those cones is influenced by growing conditions, plant nutrition, growing practices, pests and a list of other factors. The hops program will investigate a number of questions that Alberta producers have regarding hop growth in the region, including:

  • What varieties grow best in Alberta and under what conditions?
  • What varieties produce the highest yield and the highest quality product?
  • How can nutrients be most effectively delivered?
  • How can we process them on-site to create a product that brewers want?
  • Can we grow hops economically?
  • Will hops grow indoors?
  • How many crop cycles can we manage in a year?

As hops take three to five years to reach peak production, this information is crucial for growers who are considering growing hops.This multi-year experiment will look at conventional hop production in greenhouses or buildings.


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