International Research

International Research at Olds College

Olds College is a world leader in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, and environmental sciences. As a leader in these areas, it is our social responsibility to undertake projects that are global in scale so we can lend our knowledge to regions that may benefit from it.

International Research and Training Projects

Olds College has an extended history of involvement in international applied research and development projects, including:

  • Peru and Bolivia: Education for Employment (EFE) - Andean Region
  • Dominican Republic: curriculum development in Turf Grass Management and GIS, the Dominican Republic Coffee Project, and bio-remediation of mine tailing at the Rosario Mines for Barrick Gold
  • Barbados: Agricultural Waste Management
  • St Lucia: Environmental Management of Pig Manure
  • Mexico: Lead Mine Remediation
  • China: Organic fertilizer production from intensive dairy and poultry operations in Mianyang, Sichuan and municipal and agricultural waste management in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province
  • Bangladesh: Train the Trainer Agriculture Program
  • Kazakhstan: Training in Bioremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Environments
  • Jordan: Jordan Valley Integrated Waste Management Project
  • Indonesia: Training in Commercial Composting of Agricultural and Municipal Wastes
  • Korea: Korean Agricultural Workers Program
  • Ukraine: Curriculum development training

Emerging Leaders In The Americas Program

The Emerging Leaders In The Americas Program program brings undergraduate and master's level students from Latin America on student exchanges or research missions.  Students come to Canada for a four to six month experience in their own technical fields, and for immersion in the Canadian hands on approach.  The Government of Canada covers all costs.  The objective is to build future looking networks with Latin American partners and enhance future cooperation potentials.  The Emerging Leaders In The Americas Program, at the master's level, grows from direct cooperation between our own and our partners' research directors.

This program has seen students from Mexico, Peru, and Paraguay come through our doors to work with our Olds College research team at the Olds College Centre for Innovation.