Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production

Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production

Thanks to funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Technology Access Centre offers resources and services required to move the livestock industry's technological needs forward. Olds College’s vertically integrated beef program allows for technology and products to be tested at every step in production (seed stock, cow-calf, feedlot, processing).

In order to ensure that the Technology Access Centre’s services and facilities are flexible and responsive to the needs of the Canadian livestock industry, a dedicated group of producers, experts, government officials, academia, and industry stakeholders provide direction and industry insight as members of the TAC advisory board members.

Our Services

The TAC offers several applied research services for producers and industry including:

  • Residual Feed Intake Testing for beef and small ruminants
  • Trial protocol development and validation
  • Third party verification and field testing
  • Management of beef and small ruminant pen trials
  • Livestock procurement for trials
  • Agricultural student focus groups
  • Coordination of producer training
  • Genomics testing in partnership with EnVigour HX

The applied research facilities and expertise allows innovative thinkers and businesses to test proprietary ideas and concepts in private, supported by the TACs robust confidentiality policy.

Our ResearchWeighing lambs

The Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production at Olds College helps address industry issues around:

  • production efficiency
  • animal health and welfare and
  • environmental sustainability.

We address these issues by giving livestock producers, technology developers, and small to medium enterprises access to expertise, facilities, testing services, training, and emerging smart agriculture technologies.

To facilitate and accelerate the Canadian livestock industry's adoption of new technology, The Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production at Olds College provides field-testing and improvement of emerging technologies in farm—like conditions, assisting companies with the testing of feed, genetics, and precision livestock farming technology.

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