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Smart Ag Research

Smart agriculture research is the primary way Olds College tests and validates budding technology to enhance the way producers do agriculture. We take new and developing products and test them according to producer needs, comparing them to proven or established standards and technologies. Smart agriculture research works closely with Olds College Smart Farm to enhance agricultural operations at the College through innovation and the integration of technology on campus, providing unique education opportunities for the next generation of farmers.

Smart Agriculture Research Goals

  • To support producers by providing them with an accurate in-depth analysis of developing technology so they can make informed integration decisions.

  • To evaluate, demonstrate, and validate developing technologies in comparison to pre-established agricultural standards.

  • To improve production efficiency through technology by increasing crop yield and livestock production while decreasing waste and used resources.

Smart Agriculture Projects

All of our work is centered around advancing the Technology Readiness Level and providing third party validation for developing agricultural technologies.

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Olds College Smart Farm

Olds College, in collaboration with its industry and sector partners, is converting the whole of its farming operation to a Smart Farm: an interconnected environment through which the college is leveraging its land (3,600 acres), existing agriculture operations, and applied research programming, in order to provide a product development and demonstration venue to accelerate agriculture technology and agri-food development.  At the same time, the Smart Farm serves as a cutting-edge learning environment for students, producers and the agriculture sector. 

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