Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre

Olds College Centre of Innovation in turfgrass field

The Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre is a long standing joint partnership between Olds College Centre for Innovation and the industry led Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation. The Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre conducts research and disseminates information regarding the management of turfgrass on the Canadian prairies.

Our Research

The prairie's short growing season offers many challenges for the turfgrass manager. We conduct research that focuses on maintaining turfgrass in a cold and dry climate.

As interest in environmentally-conscious turfgrass management is increasing, the Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre is investigating sustainable turfgrass management in the Canadian prairie provinces. This includes a broad range of topics, from reduction of winter injury and biotic stresses, alternative weed control, to water conservation and quality. We also conduct research into turfgrass product effectiveness and application requirements, fertility, and varietal testing.

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Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (ATRF)

The Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation is a not-for-profit society whose mission is to implement applied research, and to promote and disseminate industry knowledge and research results through environmentally sound methods of turfgrass management. The ATRF receives funding through memberships, donations and by providing consulting services. The foundation has existed since 1986 and strives towards growing the turfgrass and research communities for the benefit of both turfgrass managers and the people that use them.

ATRF Members

Our Services

Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre Consulting

The Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre offers consulting services to Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation members and non-members. We conduct research and analytical testing in controlled environments and field plots on site at Olds College and various locations throughout western Canada. The Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre specializes in cold climate research focusing on species and varietal performance, fertility, water use efficiency, and plant stress physiology.

Disease Identification

  • Members: 1 free sample per year - $90 per additional sample
  • Alberta Golf Superintendents Association Members: $120 per sample
  • Non Members: $160 per sample

Consulting Fees

  • Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation Members: 
    $60 per hour (min 3 hours)
    $100 per hour for written report (min 8 hours)
    $0.50 per KM for travel
    $250 per night if overnight stay is required

  • Non Members:
    $100 per hour (min 3 hours)
    $100 per hour per written report (min 8 hours)
    $0.50 per KM for travel
    $250 per night if overnight stay is required

If you have a product or technology that needs an independent third party evaluation, contact:

Jason Pick, MSc.
Instructor, Golf Course Management
School of Environment
Olds College

Phone: 403.556.8243