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Centennial Village

Centennial Village

Centennial Village features over 400 single, private rooms and plenty of shared social and study spaces. Each room is equipped with a double bed, large closet, desk and private washroom.

Centennial Village Amenities, include:

  • Study or hang with friends in our 3,000 square foot student lounge with plenty of seating, big screen tv, fireplace, foosball and ping-pong tables

  • Keep up with your workouts in our fitness center; equipped with treadmills, free weights, ellipticals and stationary bikes.

  • Use a student board room or open social space for group project work, movie nights, or late night study sessions.

  • Store your outdoor gear in a boot room locker and use paid laundry facilities right in the building to keep your clothes and room clean!

  • Keep your learning going at home in our on-site Animal Science and Brewmaster labs.

  • Stream your favorite shows with O-Net Wired Lan in your room and Wifi in all common spaces!

View the Residence Community Handbook

Centennial Village Residence Fees, effective 2023-24 Academic Year.

Weekly Residence Fees:

Due in full at the start of each semester.

Application Fee:

Due at time of application

Security Deposit:

Due at time of application

Residence Fees do not include Meal Plans. Students living in Centennial Village will choose between two great meal plan options. Meal Plans can not be changed once you have arrived at Olds College.

View Tuition & Program Dates  Campus Dining & Meal Plans

Residence Life Link

You’ll find a variety of programming options to ensure you have opportunities to connect with other students and can achieve balance between your academic commitments and social life. There really is something for everyone! From paint nights to movie watch parties and video game tournaments!

Your RA’s will help ensure you feel included and supported, including creating events with your unique interests in mind!

Residence Life

Accessibility & Inclusion

  • Wheelchair Accessible suite in Centennial Village 
  • Gender Neutral Accessible Public Washrooms in CV
  • Three Large Elevators in CV

Laundry Access

There are 20 laundry sets available throughout the Centennial Building for use. All of our laundry facilities utilize a smartcard system with an onsite loading terminal in CV. Students will receive a free laundry card when they arrive. At the terminal they can load their card with an amount of their choice. They can pay at the terminal with debit or credit card.

Lost cards must be replaced at the cost of the student, and can be done at the onsite terminal.


Centennial Village Frequently Asked Questions

What furniture will my room have?

Each room will have a double bed, mattress, mattress protector, night stand, desk, chair, closet shelving system (1 foot of long hanging, 2 feet of double hanging and 1 foot of shelves) as well as a vanity cabinet in the washroom.

What size are the mattresses?

Centennial Village has double beds. Some of the mattresses are longer so it might be best to bring unfitted sheets.

What do I need to bring to outfit my room?

Students will be responsible to bring their own linens (sheets, pillows, and blankets), towels, shower mat, waste baskets and laundry hamper. We recommend purchasing a few canvas or plastic cube storage bins. These fit perfectly in the wire shelving in the closets and are handy storage for clothing or other items.

The shower has a glass door so no shower curtain is required. Students should also bring a plunger and cleaning supplies (eg: broom, dust pan, cleaning cloths, window cleaner, bathroom cleaners, shower squeegee, swiffer wet mop, garbage bags) to keep their rooms tidy. Students can also sign out a cleaning kit at our front desk free of charge for a single use.

We also offer free lockers to store items which may endure heavy debris such as work boots, coveralls etc in our bootroom. You must supply your own lock.

Can I decorate my room?

Students are encouraged to make their space their own by adding items such as a throw rug, poster, photographs or miscellaneous decor. Any tacking to walls is discouraged unless small finishing nails are used. A minimal amount of finishing nail holes are okay, but 3M hanging strips are not allowed. No painting or permanent changes may be made to the room. Furniture is affixed to the wall and may not be moved. Students are permitted to bring their own mini fridge or microwave for your bedroom if you choose. However, fridges must be newer than 5 years old and have an amp usage of no more than 3.5 amps. Microwaves can be no larger than 700 watts and have an amp usage of no more than 6 amps.

Is there storage for my bike?

There is a bike rack at the south end of the building which students can lock their bike for free at their own risk (students must provide their own lock).

Anything that I should leave at home?

Any weapons are strictly prohibited; candles, incense or any other items that are flammable are also not allowed. Other banned items include bulk alcohol (ie., kegs, texas mickey’s, pony kegs, etc.), hot plates, instapots, slow cookers, toasters or electric toaster ovens. Decor that may be offensive, lacking in diversity or inclusion will not be tolerated (ie. swastikas, confederate flag, pornography).

Can I bring a pet?

Fish kept in a tank under 3L are allowed but other animals are not allowed

Is internet included?

Internet is included in your weekly fees. This is a fiber internet, offering 1 GB upload and download capabilities. There is also wifi in every resident room, in corridors as well as in social spaces. There is an equipment box in each room as well if you wish to obtain a personal telephone or cable package. Students will need to contact O-Net directly to subscribe to telephone or cable services and can do so via

How do I know if I've been accepted into the Centennial Village or College Courts residence?

Emails containing information including move-in dates and details will be sent to students prior to move in.

Am I required to purchase a meal plan if I live in Centennial Village?

Meal plans are mandatory if you are staying in Centennial Village. Meal plans are optional for College Courts residents.  Please contact Olds College, Student Services for information regarding their meal plans.

Will there be quiet floors in Centennial Village?

When applying online, please note if you prefer a quiet living area. Our placement team will do our best to accommodate your request.  We also have areas designated for mature students.

Can I request a specific neighbour?

Neighbours can be requested and we will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee neighbor placement.

Do I have to pay rent for my entire stay at one time?

Fees are payable each semester and are due by your 1st Friday on campus. While you are encouraged to pay for the full semester, fee payment agreements can be arranged through Olds College. A $150 fee is applicable for payment plans.

My course is only 8 weeks long. Can I still live in Residence?

Complete a Residence Application making sure to indicate the dates of your course.

Is there air conditioning in Centennial Village rooms

There is air conditioning in the lobby and student lounge, but not in the student rooms. Room windows do open if you wish to have additional fresh air.

Is there security in Centennial Village?

There are over 80 security cameras in and around Centennial Village. Access to student rooms is by secured card access and campus security does rounds in and around residence buildings.

Is there a curfew

There is no curfew, students can come and go as you please, however quiet hours are from 10pm – 8am Sunday through Thursday and 12pm – 8am on Friday, Saturday. So if you are coming home late please be respectful of your neighbors.

Can I have a guest stay with me while I’m living on campus?

You are permitted to have a visitor stay in your room. A guest may not stay more than three consecutive nights in a row and to a maximum of 4 nights per month. This is subject to change.