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Gmail is the official email of Olds College. Every Olds College student and employee has an Olds College email account. You can access your email from anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you are accessing your Olds College email account for the first time, you will need to follow the instructions below to set up your password.

How to set up your password

Off Campus

Change your password

  • The username will be your Student ID number, with all the zeroes (e.g 000123456)

  • The default password is PWMMDDYY, where MMDDYY is your birthdate (e.g. PW012090 for January 20, 1990)

  • Click login

  • You will now setup your security questions to allow you to access your account if you ever forget your password or get locked out. Questions 1 and 2 choose from the drop down menu, Question 3 please create your own.

  • Select submit

  • Choose a new password, it must be a minimum of 8 characters long

Please note that if you fail putting in the password three times it will lock you out of the system for 30 minutes.

On campus

  • Go to any of the Olds College campus computers

  • Turn it on and hit the enter button to access the login screen

  • Username: will be your Student ID number, with all the zeroes (e.g 000123456)

  • Default password: is PWMMDDYY, where MMDDYY is your birthdate (e.g. PW012090 for January 20, 1990)

  • Hit enter or the little arrow beside the password box to login

  • It will now ask you to change your password, hit okay

  • Choose a new password, it must be a minimum of 8 characters long

  • Hit enter after confirming the new password to change your password

  • After logging in a security question form will pop up, asking you to fill out security questions for future management. Questions 1 and 2 choose from the drop down menu, Question 3 please create your own.

  • Hit submit

Please make sure you do complete and remember the security questions and answers as this will allow you to reset a forgotten password or unlock your account if you get locked out.


The password that you have just created is the same password that you will use to log into your Olds College email account, to log into the computers on campus, to access Olds College WiFi, and to log into your Moodle account.

How to Access Gmail

  1. Open your Internet browser

  2. Go to the Olds College home page and click on the “sign in” button or access through your browser at

  3. Type your username - it's your Olds College email address.
    Student Email: (
    Staff Email: (

  4. Type your password - it's the same as the password you use for the Olds College network (computer login).

  5. Click "Sign In"

How to add email to iOS or Android devices

For iOS device:

  1. Go to settings (gears) and scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  2. Add account. Select Exchange.

  3. Enter your Email address and password. i.e.

  4. Enter description. i.e. from 'Exchange' to 'Olds College Email' (or copy your email address)

  5. Click Next. It will be verifying.

  6. It will show more:

  7. Enter Server:

  8. Enter Username: (has to be full email address)

  9. Click next. Done!

For Android device:

  • Go to Apps and select the Email app.

  • Press menu (3 horizontal bars), select Manage Accounts then the + sign icon at the top of the screen.

  • Enter full email address: and password

  • Select Manual Set Up (Next)

  • Select Microsoft Exchange when prompted for “What type of account is this?”

  • For Domain/Username, enter full email address again: (On some devices, the Domain/Username may be pre-populated incorrectly and should be erased.)

  • For Exchange Server name. Enter:

  • Make sure box Use secure connection (SSL) is checked.

  • Select Next

  • Select desired account options for inbox checking frequency, number of days to synchronize, send email by default, notifications and contacts/calendar sync. Select Next.

  • Depending on device you may be prompted for account colour and account name

  • Select Activate and your email is set-up and ready to go!

Note: There are benefits for setting your email up through Exchange:

  • you get push notifications - email is sent to you as it happens, not when it checks for emails periodically
  • allows us to wipe the phone should it get lost or stolen. This is important to us, so that we can protect our Olds College email accounts (yours) from abuse