Recognition of Prior Learning

Olds College recognizes that learning is a continual process that can be achieved through formal, non-formal, and informal avenues including credit courses and programs offered at other institutions, non-credit courses, on-the-job training, professional workshops and skills gained outside the classroom through life and workplace experiences.

Olds College is supportive of developing means to provide appropriate recognition of a learner’s experiences or education.

There are five (5) ways in which Recognition of Prior Learning can be undertaken:

  1. Transfer Credit
  2. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition of Experiential Learning
  3. Challenge Exam
  4. Internal Transfer Credit
  5. Course Substitution

View our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy for a comprehensive breakdown of the policy governing RPL processes reference Policy D13.

Transfer Credit Process:

All post-secondary transcripts received from students who have been admitted into a program at Olds College and who have previously attended another post-secondary institution will be automatically reviewed by the Recognition of Prior Learning Advisor. A Transfer Credit fee will be charged to the student account for assessments receiving transfer credit (refer to Current Fee Schedule – Ancillary Fees).

Note* Transcripts must be submitted two (2) weeks before the semester start date.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) of Experiential Learning (Work and Life Experience) Process:   

Experiential learning or non-credit learning is acquired through work experience such as employment, practicums and non-credit courses or through life experiences. The residency and length of time over which the experiential learning was achieved will be a factor during the review or evaluation process. The method of evaluating the student experience and the documentation required to support the learning and knowledge achieved will be recommended by the Chair, in consultation with the Recognition of Prior Learning Advisor, and will take into consideration the type of learning achieved and the student ability to produce some type of demonstration of the learning experience.

Note* Applications for PLAR must be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the student semester start date.

There are fees associated with the Recognition of Prior Learning process. (refer to Current Fee Schedule – Ancillary Fees).

Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you have inquiries about Recognition of Prior Learning.