Cattle Artificial Insemination

Cattle in a field

What can you expect from this program/course?

During this intensive 4-day course, students are introduced to all aspects of artificial insemination and herd reproduction management; this includes the opportunity for both classroom learning and plenty of hands-on experience. Lectures will provide an understanding of controlled breeding, sire selection and nutrition while quality speakers share their insights on nutrition, Expected Progeny Differences (EPD’s) and synchronization.

What will you learn?

The hands-on portion of this course will provide the opportunity for students to practice correct semen handling and artificial insemination techniques and procedures. Also addressed are the logistics of getting set up to practice A.I. on your own, including required equipment and costs.

The course includes:

  • outline reproductive tract, how AI techniques are applied
  • cow reproductive tracts
  • seven hands-on live cow sessions
  • nutrition and its effects on reproduction
  • introduction to semen tank
  • equipment costs, logistics of starting AI at home
  • sire selection based on EPD's or Bull Proofs
  • heat detection, heat detection aids, synchronization
  • estrous cycle
  • timing of insemination
  • factors that affect ai success

Program at a glance

Credentials: Audit or 2 credits

Dates:  Fall 2020

Length of Program: 4 Days

Delivery: Olds Campus

Application Deadline: The registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to each class start date.

Costs: $849 ($649 for full-time Olds College students)

Prerequisites: None

*This is a hands-on course, so please arrive with safe & appropriate footwear (rubber boots – not required to be steel-toe), clothing that allows ease of movement & layers to accommodate variable weather, no dangly jewelry or long fingernails, coveralls – regular (not disposable), and pens, paper, etc.

Do I have to stay for the exam portion if I am choosing to audit only?

No - if you do not require the credits and grades recorded on a transcript, you can choose to audit the course and leave early  on the last day of the course (when the last live-cow session ends before lunch).