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Animal Science

Continuing Education Programming

  • Beef Production Certificate

    Beef Production Certificate

    This exciting new beef certificate will provide online training to students interested, or already employed, in the livestock work force. Each course within this certificate can be taken as a stand- alone course to enhance your current skill set, or you can combine all five to complete your beef production certificate. Course specifics include:

    • Beef Production Systems
    • Basic Handling, Facilities and Equipment
    • Pasture and Grazing Management
    • Applied Nutrition and Feeding
    • Beef Health and Disease

    Delivery: Online

    Costs & Fees: $799 + GST per course


  • Bovine Ultrasound

  • Cattle Artificial Insemination

    Cattle in a field

    During this intensive 4-day course, students are introduced to all aspects of artificial insemination and herd reproduction management; this includes the opportunity for both classroom learning and plenty of hands-on experience. Lectures will provide an understanding of controlled breeding, sire selection and nutrition while quality speakers share their insights on nutrition, Expected Progeny Differences (EPD’s) and synchronization.

    Dates: December 8-11, 2022

    Costs: $899 + GST


  • Registered Veterinary Technologist

    Are you an RVT with a lapsed or non-practicing license and you're looking to update your skills and become recertified? 

    Are you an RVT that wants to refresh, update or hone your skills in a specific area?

    If you answered yes to either of the questions above, we have new training opportunities for you! These microcredentials have been designed to best fit your needs within industry and better prepare you for writing the VTNE exam. These courses are offered online asynchronously unless specified otherwise. You may choose to sign up for one Microcredential course or all five.

    Obtain CE credits by ABVMA, recognized by ABVTA after the successful completion of each microcredential you enroll in. Individuals from outside of Alberta please reach out to inquire about having credit approved by your province's association.

    Small Animal Anesthesia Refresher

    In this short refresher course, students will gain further understanding and competence in the area of anesthesia, especially in the areas of administering and handling small animals.
    Dates: Feb 8th - Apr 7th, 2023
    Cost: $399 + GST
    Course Length: 9 hours (CE Approved by ABVMA & recognized by ABVTA)
    Delivery Method: Online

    Course Learning Outcomes:

    1. Explain the different phases of an anesthetic procedure

    2. Explain how to obtain patient-related information in the development of an appropriate anesthetic plan

    3. Explain anesthetic drug indications, contraindications and clinically relevant effects

    4. Explain fluid therapy during anesthesia

    5. Investigate anesthetic protocols for patients with compromised systems

    Hands-Free Radiology Techniques Refresher

    Students will gain further knowledge in the area of hand-free radiology. It outlines the benefits of hand-free radiology and examines different techniques on how to prepare a patient for a quality hands-free radiograph.

    Dates: Feb 8th - Apr 7th, 2023
    Cost: $129 + GST
    Course Length: 3 hours (CE Approved by ABVMA & recognized by ABVTA)
    Delivery Method: Online

    Course Learning Outcomes:

    1. Identify the main aim and goals of hands-free radiology.

    2. Recognize the benefits of hands-free radiology in the context of veterinary medicine.

    3. Explain the steps to safely and successfully implement hands-free radiology.

    4. Describe hands-free techniques which can be used while also ensuring quality in different types of diagnostic x-rays. 

    Small Animal Emergency Medicine Refresher

    This microcredential will allow students to gain further insight into assessing patients and performing the procedure they see fit. The procedures could be anything from performing CPR to utilizing wound management techniques. 

    Dates: Mar 8th - May 5th, 2023
    Cost: $245 + GST
    Course Length: 11 hours (CE Approved by ABVMA & recognized by ABVTA)
    Delivery Method: Online

    Course Learning Outcomes:

    1. Identify the principles of triage and its role in small animal emergency medicine.

    2. Recognize common emergency conditions and diseases including clinical signs and symptoms. 

    3. List common small animal toxicities and how they are treated. 

    4. Complete calculations for constant rate infusions, medication dilutions and fluid bag additives. 

    5. Perform effective CPR on feline and canine patients. 

    6. Explain how to perform blood and plasma transfusions on feline and canine patients.

    7. Recognize common nursing procedures for the debilitated patient

    Equine Pharmaceutical Product and New Medicines Updates Refresher

    This microcredential refresher will provide students with up to date information in regards to pharmaceutical products and new medicines used in veterinary practice, particularly on horses. 

    Dates: Apr 12th - July 7th, 2023
    Cost: $110 + GST
    Course Length: 5 hours (CE Approved by ABVMA & recognized by ABVTA)
    Delivery Method: Online

    Areas of Study:

    1. Equine Sedatives 

    2. Equine Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories 

    3. Equine Glucocorticoids 

    4. Equine Antimicrobial Therapies 

    5. Equine Parasiticides 

    6. Equine Gastric Ulcer Therapeutics 

    7. Compounded Medications 

    8. Equine Intravenous Fluids


  • Veterinary Practice Management

    Student holding a kitten inside a Veterinary Practice

    What can you expect from this certificate?

    All course work in this certificate is assignment, quiz and interactive forum based. Assignments have been designed to allow you to create working documents that you can implement in the clinic immediately to improve business results. Although this is an online program, each course is led by an instructor with years of hands-on experience working as a Veterinary Practice Manager. You will receive coaching, feedback, and have the opportunity to interact with other course participants and your instructor via online forums framed to further your learning. This program is ideal for those actively working in a veterinary clinic and interested in leading best business practices.

    Delivery: Online

    Dates: Course start dates vary

    Tuition: $799 per course


  • Introduction to Veterinary Medicine for Teens

    Veterinary student listening in class

    What it is like to work in a veterinary clinic or other animal care related business? This veterinary science camp will show you! Through classroom learning, demonstration and hands-on learning opportunities you will learn basic skills and become familiar with various career opportunities related to veterinary science.

    If you are between the ages of 13-16, considering a career in the veterinary industry, and want to understand the different roles that are available as options, then this course may be for you. You will learn some basics of animal care & first aid:

    • Animal Behavior, Safety, Handling & Restraint
    • General Animal Health Assessment & Physical Exams
    • Basic First Aid
    • Bandaging Techniques

    Intake 1: August 14 - 17, 2023

    Delivery: Olds Campus

    Costs: $595, all materials and field day trip are included