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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Olds College actively builds a culture of entrepreneurship across our entire province through training, support for entrepreneurs, learning enterprises, and business incubators. If you are developing a product related to livestock production, crops, wetland management, or turf grass applications, give us a call or fill out our client intake form.

Our Entrepreneurship Goals

  • To support businesses by guiding them to the right networks using our own network of businesses and organizations throughout Alberta and Canada.

  • To provide training and resources to developers to help them market their products effectively.

  • To encourage innovation, create and sustain a healthy economy, and solve problems within the agricultural industry.

Small & Medium Enterprise Orientated Resources

Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates is a province-wide initiative designed to provide connections within communities throughout the various regions in Alberta. It supports business growth, research, and the establishment of start-ups throughout the province to promote the development of new technology and ideas. There are eight regional initiatives, each filled with like-minded businesses that want to help small businesses grow and succeed to promote a community of entrepreneurship. 


Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network (CARIN) Early Stage Incubator

The CARIN Early Stage Incubator helps startups in the energy, agriculture, and manufacturing industry validate their idea. It has taken previous initiatives that Olds College was a part of, and is improving on those designs. The incubator will focus on providing startup companies with business training, prototype services, market research and validation, network creation and many other resources that are crucial to a startup’s success. Olds College is working with Red Deer College Donald School of Business, Community Futures, and Access Prosperity to assist startups in this initiative. 

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Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network (CARIN)

CARIN is made up of many businesses and research institutions throughout Central Alberta, including Olds College. At its heart, CARIN is about helping SMEs to succeed by providing assistance with financing, idea development, technological expertise, and many other parts of business development to help SMEs with big ideas to effectively achieve their goals - a mission Olds College’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation division proudly reflects in its work.


UFA Student Pitch Competition

The UFA Student Pitch Competition is a chance for students to work with Olds College and get the mentorship to develop their idea, and then present this innovative idea to UFA Co-operative Ltd.

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Student Oriented Resources


The ATREK Fund gives Olds College students the opportunity to explore and evaluate new business ideas. Too often ideas get stuck in developing the prototype; through lack of funding, resources, or mentorship, great ideas can be lost. The ATREK Fund helps budding entrepreneurs through this stage by giving internal grants up to $5,000 for access to Olds College expertise, facilities and equipment for up to 6 months. Through the ATREK Fund new entrepreneurs can quickly decide if the idea or project is worth further effort

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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