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Research Teams


Highlighting the Smart Agriculture Research Team

Read more about the reserach team that collaborates on industry-driven applied research related to smart ag technologies with the goals of saving producers time or money, improving efficiency, and improving environmental sustainability.

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Highlighting Crop Research & Environmental Stewardship Teams

Read more about these talented teams of researchers that are moving crop research and environmental stewardship forward!

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Research Team at the Technology Access Center for Livestock Production

Highlighting the Research Team at the Technology Access Center for Livestock Production

Read more about the talented team of researchers at the TACLP working to move the livestock industry forward.

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Research Team at the Technology Access Center for Livestock Production

Highlighting the Smart Farm Operations Team

The Smart Farm Operations team is involved in every aspect of keeping the Smart Farm operating, thriving, and ready for applied research and student experience activities!

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Joy Agnew headshot

Joy Agnew

Vice President, Research

Angela Fuller headshot

Angela Fuller

Administrative Research Officer

David Fullerton headshot

David Fullerton

Director of Applied Research

Kelly Mackinnon headshot

Kelly Mackinnon

OCCI Administration

Chantel Watt headshot

Chantel Watt

Research Project Accountant

Irene Wenger  headshot

Irene Wenger

Manager, Special Projects

Melissa Zembik headshot

Melissa Zembik

Communications Advisor - Applied Research

Crop Research
Hilke Beuck headshot

Hilke Beuck

Research Technician - Field Crops

Shabeg Briar headshot

Shabeg Briar

Research Scientist - Crops

Dayani Patuwatha Withanage headshot

Dayani Patuwatha Withanage

Research Associate

Ike Edeogu headshot

Ike Edeogu

Research Manager

Leona Megli  headshot

Leona Megli

Research Technician - Field Crops

Environmental Stewardship
Ike Edeogu headshot

Ike Edeogu

Research Manager

Krista Pick headshot

Krista Pick

Research Technician

Smart Agriculture
Angie Stoute headshot

Angie Stoute

Research Technician

Sofia Bahmutsky headshot

Sofia Bahmutsky

Data Scientist

Blair Bateman headshot

Blair Bateman

Research Technician

Julie Cobb headshot

Julie Cobb

Research Technician

Eli Anderson headshot

Eli Anderson

Research Technician

Christina Kaye headshot

Christina Kaye

Project Lead

Chris Ouellette  headshot

Chris Ouellette

Research Technical Lead

Abby Sim headshot

Abby Sim

Project Lead

Herman Simons headshot

Herman Simons


Ashutosh Singh headshot

Ashutosh Singh

Data Scientist

Daniel Stefner headshot

Daniel Stefner

Project Lead

Smart Ag - Autonomous Agriculture Equipment
Roy Maki headshot

Roy Maki

Research Project Manager

Yevgen Mykhaylichenko headshot

Yevgen Mykhaylichenko

Technology Integration Specialist

Digital Ag
Akshay Bhanot headshot

Akshay Bhanot

Software Developer & Data Scientist

Felippe Karp headshot

Felippe Karp

Research Associate

Jyothish Prabhakaran Jayasree headshot

Jyothish Prabhakaran Jayasree

Software Developer & Data Scientist

Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production
Lorna Baird  headshot

Lorna Baird

Business Development Coordinator

Emilie Edgar headshot

Emilie Edgar

Research Technician

Désirée Gellatly headshot

Désirée Gellatly

Research Scientist

Brianna Gratton headshot

Brianna Gratton


Yaogeng Lei headshot

Yaogeng Lei

Research Associate

Alison Neale headshot

Alison Neale

Research Associate

Brittany Scott headshot

Brittany Scott

Research Technician

Lyndsey Smith headshot

Lyndsey Smith

Research Technician

Laio Sobrinho headshot

Laio Sobrinho

Research Manager

Sean Thompson headshot

Sean Thompson


Field Crop Development Centre
Kofi Agblor headshot

Kofi Agblor

Program Director

Dana Bajema  headshot

Dana Bajema

Operations Coordinator

Erin Collier headshot

Erin Collier

Business Development Officer

Yadeta Kabeta headshot

Yadeta Kabeta

Barley Breeder

Mazen Aljarrah headshot

Mazen Aljarrah

Triticale breeder

Lori Oatway headshot

Lori Oatway

Research Scientist - Quality

Michael Oro headshot

Michael Oro

Operations Lead

Sajid Rehman headshot

Sajid Rehman

Research Scientist - Pathology

Jennifer Zantinge headshot

Jennifer Zantinge

Research Scientist - Biotechnology

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