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High School Learning

Olds College is committed to supporting life-long learning, including educational offerings for students of all ages and education levels. This includes providing high-quality, accessible, and rewarding learning opportunities that reach youth from all corners of Alberta and give students a head start on their academic career.

Dual Credit Programming

Olds College is proud to offer a number of dual credit programs through our partnerships with the Community Learning Campus (CLC). Dual credit programs give high school students a head start on their post-secondary education while still earning high school credits.

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Green Certificate

Olds College is proud to offer Green Certificate Agricultural Apprenticeship Training for High School Students in Central Alberta in collaboration with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) and Alberta Education.

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Olds College Camps will provide students with experience-driven learning opportunities to develop an interest, as well as confidence in specific programs while participating in a series of hands-on workshops, exercises and tutorials.

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