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Olds College's Policies and Procedures framework guides the development, implementation, and review of all guidelines. Delegated authority from the Board of Governors to the President ensures consistency, appropriateness, and effective management of policies, overseen by the College Leadership Team.

A. General

A01 - Policy and Procedure Framework

A04 - Crisis Communication

A05 - Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco Use

A08 - Alcohol Use and Service

A11 - Medical Services

A14 - Campus Parking


A17 - College Relationships with the Private and Public Sectors

A18 - Information Access and Protection of Privacy

A19 - Records Management and Disposition

A20 - Institutional Animal Care and Use

A22 - Weapons Firearms

A24 - Attendance at Political Fundraising Events and Political Contributions

A25 - Code of Conduct

A26 - Philanthropic Naming

A27 - Website Administration

A28 - Fraud and Irregularities

A29 - Use of Copyright Material

A31 - Posting

A32 - Electronic Surveillance Use

A33 - Sustainability

A34 - Flag Protocol

A35 - Enterprise Risk Management

A37 - Space Utilization & Allocation

A39 - Key and Access Card Control

A41 - Gift Acceptance

A42 - Social Media

A44 - Library Collection Development

A46 - College Vehicles

A47 - Electronic Approval

A49 - Death of a Student or Employee

A50 - Freedom of Expression

B. Financial & Administrative

B02 - Operations Budgets

B03 - Budget Centre Creates

B07 - Cheque Signer Imprinter

B08 - Credit

B09 - Inventory

B10 - Honoraria

B12 -Tuition and Fees

B13 - Professional Membership Dues

B14 - Investments

B15 - Related Party Transactions

B16 - Reserves

B18 - Continuing Education Net Revenue Account

B21 - Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses

B22 - Donor Recognition and Stewardship

B24 - Endowments Inflation and Investment Recapitalization

B25 - Disclosure Protection

B26 - Hospitality and Alcohol

B27 Tuition Waiver - International Student Athletes

B29 - Legislative Compliance

B30 - Contract Management

B31 - Tangible Capital Assets

B32 - Externally Restricted Contributions

B100 - Signing Authority for Contractual Obligations

B200 - Budget Owner Responsibility

B300 - Supply of Goods and Services

C. People & Culture

C01 - Recruitment

C04 - Nepotism

C05 - Relocation and Interview Expenses

C08 - Leaves of Absence

C13 - Student Employees

C15 - Occupational Health and Safety

C17 - Working Alone

C19 - Faculty Evaluation

C20 - Industry Chair

C21 - Employee Recognition

C22 - Emeritus

C24 - Presidential Instructional Excellence

C25 - Workplace Violence and Harassment

C26 - Progressive Discipline

C27 - Gender-Based Violence

C28 - Tuition Waiver - Employee Education Benefit

C29 - Dress Code and Personal Hygiene

C30 - Impairment and the Use of Alcohol, Cannabis, Other Drugs and Substances

C31 - Off Duty Conduct

C32 - Military (Reservist) Leave

C33 - Animals in the Workplace

C34 Employee Dispute Resolution

D. Student & Academic

D04 - Calendar of Important Dates

D10 - Attendance

D11 - Honourary Degrees

D13 - Recognition of Prior Learning 

D18 - Disabilities and Accessibility Support

D19 - Grading

D20 - Graduation and Convocation

D21 - Course Development, Review and Revision

D22 - Program Review

D23 - Industry Advisory Committee

D24 - Academic Scheduling

D25 - Student Code of Conduct

D27 - Granting of Credit

D28 - Admissions

D31 - Academic Integrity

D32 - Academic Standing

D33 - Assessment

D34 - Program Development 

D35 - Program Curriculum Committee

D40 - Student Trips

D42 - Continuing Education Programming

D43 - Student Awards

D46 - Impairment and the Use of Alcohol, Cannabis, Other Drugs and Substances

D47 - Academic Freedom

D48 - Scholarly Activity

D49 - Student Records