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Campus Safety

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology is commited to creating a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students, staff and visitors.


Olds College ALERT

Olds College Alert is the official safety app of Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. Download the app for all safety & security needs including emergency contacts, crisis alerts, incident reporting and more.

Visit the app store on your device to download OC Alert.

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ConfidenceLine Reporting

ConfidenceLine is an independent third party that provides a confidential and anonymous avenue to report issues, unethical behaviours, and/or breach of policies without fear of personal or professional repercussions.

For situations where Olds College of Agriculture & Technology students, staff, faculty and community members feel uncomfortable using any of the regular channels for reporting, or if you are unsure who to contact, ConfidenceLine is available 24/7, seven days a week. ConfidenceLine can be reached at 1.800.661.9675 or online at ConfidenceLine.

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Policies & Procedures

We take the safety of all our students and staff very seriously. To create a safe environment for ours students and staff we have several policies in place.

Policies and Procedures

Safe Walk

The Safe Walk program is offered through Campus Security. The Safe Walk program is in place to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors as they travel about the campus during evenings and after hours. The program is available to anyone on campus, any time of day. Request a Safe Walk on the OC Alert app or call 403.556.8224 and one of the security guards will meet you at your location and walk with you to your office, vehicle or other requested campus location.

Respect on Campus Program

The Respect on Campus Program helps build an even stronger campus culture where everyone feels valued and is free from workplace Bullying, Abuse, Harassment, and Discrimination. It provides organizations with a standard tool, common language, and practices while improving team communication and productivity. This program aligns with the College’s values and also meets the obligation under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety act, regulations and code to ensure all employees receive training related to violence and harassment. All staff, faculty, and students are required to complete the Respect on Campus program as scheduled.

Emergencies on Campus

Police, Fire & Ambulance: If you discover an emergency on campus, where police, fire department or ambulance are required, dial 911.

Call Campus Security: When that call is completed, report the emergency to the College Emergency Operator at 403.556.8224.

Gas Leaks & Animal Emergencies: Contact Campus Security at 403.556.8224.

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Learning Resource Centre

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