Campus Safety

Olds College is committed to creating a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students, staff and visitors. We have several safety services and procedures in place.

Olds College Safe Walk Program

Campus Emergencies

  1. Police, Fire & Ambulance: If you discover an emergency on campus, where police, fire department or ambulance are required, dial 911.

  2. Call Campus Security: When that call is completed, report the emergency to the College Emergency Operator at 403.556.8224.

  3. Gas Leaks & Animal Emergencies: Contact Campus Security at 403.556.8224.

Policies & Procedures

We take the safety of all our students and staff very seriously. To create a safe environment for ours students and staff we have several policies in place.

Safe Walk

The Safe Walk program is offered through Campus Security. The Safe Walk program is in place to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors as they travel about the campus during evenings and after hours. The program is available to anyone on campus, any time of day. To request a Safe Walk call 403.556.8224 and one of the security guards will meet you at your location and walk with you to your office, vehicle or other requested campus location.

OC Emergency App

Olds College Emergency App

Get the information you need quickly and easily in case of an emergency situation. The OC Emergency App is designed to help keep students, faculty, staff and visitors informed and safe in the event of an emergency situation at Olds College. The app is one part of the Olds College emergency management plan and a big part of creating a safe and healthy living and learning environment for everyone on campus. 

To download the App visit the app store on your device.

Download the OC Emergency App  Download the OC Emergency App for Apple  Download the Blackberry OC Emergency App


Emergency App FAQ

Help! I need technical support!

Having trouble logging in? Did your app crash? Would you like to know how this app will affect your battery life? If you are experiencing difficulty downloading or activating OC Emergency, please contact

If you have a screen shot of the issue, please include it in the form submission.

How do I download the app?
Downloading OC Emergency is easy. The app can be downloaded by searching “OC Emergency” in any app store for iOS, Android and Blackberry 10. Once downloaded, follow the activation steps including verifying your email and enabling push notifications so we can provide you with real-time alerts.
How do I activate the app?
Students, faculty and staff
  • Once in the app, select “Use my Olds College login”
  • Enter your Olds College account credentials using your Olds College account
  • Enable push notifications and location services
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Complete your personal profile (Check all your information and email address to ensure its correct)
[Non-credentialed Individuals]
  • Once in the app, select “I have a code”
  • Enter the access code provided by your supervisor
  • Fill out your email address, a password, and re-enter that password
  • Enable push notifications and location services
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Complete your personal profile
  • An email will be sent to your provided email address, click on the link to complete account activation
Do I need to enable push notifications or location services?
By enabling push notifications,OC Emergency can alert you in real time in the event of an emergency. Push notifications will only be used in a critical situation where you need to be notified.
By enabling location services, OC Emergency will be able to send you targeted emergency alerts based on your location. Your location information will only be used in the event of an emergency
Will this use a lot of battery life or storage on my phone?
Battery Life: No. OC Emergency will only affect your battery life if you have the app open and are interacting with the app on a consistent basis. As this app will only be used in the event of an emergency to provide you with alerts – it will have minimal battery impact.
Phone Storage: No just a little space. Depending on the app store, the app is anywhere from 2.5 MB to 7 MB approximately in size. Once installed, a minimal additional amount of space will be taken up by emergency information, which is cleared off your device once the emergency situation has ended. We do not expect this to exceed more than 1 MB.

To put this file size in context, here is the approximate size of some popular smartphone apps in the iOS App Store as of Nov. 2015:

  • Twitter: 68.3 MB
  • Facebook: 99.9 MB
  • LinkedIn: 74.9 MB
  • CBC News: 86.4 MB
  • TSN Go: 47.5 MB
  • eBay: 60.4 MB
Can I download this app on multiple devices?
Yes. Once you have activated your account, you can log in from multiple devices.
Does it matter what operating system I have?
OC Emergency works on iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems. The minimum requirements for operating systems are:
  • iOS – 5.1.1,
  • Android – 2.3.7,
  • BlackBerry – 10.1
Can anyone login to this app?
OC Emergency is specifically designed for Olds College students, faculty, staff, tenants and contractors. These are the audiences that would be directly affected in the event of an emergency on campus.
My parents want to download the app. Can they?
OC Emergency is only for current students, faculty, staff, tenants and contractors. 
Should I log out? Will I still receive push notifications?
No, if you log out you will no longer receive push notifications in the event of an emergency situation. Please remain logged in to the OC Emergency app so we can notify you in the event of an emergency. You will still receive alerts if the application is closed, it is only if you click "log out" that you are opting out of notifications. 
What if I change my contact information in the Active Directory? Will I need to update my profile in the app?
If you change any of the following contact information in the Olds College Active Directory System (rDirectory / the Olds College Phone list), you will also need to go into the OC Emergency app and update your profile settings as well.
Read the OC Emergency App Privacy Statement


The OC Emergency App was developed to keep the Olds College community apprised should an emergency situation arise. Your personal information will be handled in keeping with the principles of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. We are committed to protecting the privacy of students, staff, faculty and other members of the university community.

Collection of your personal information
In order to manage your participation in the OC Emergency app, we need to collect some personal information from you. This information may include username and password, name, contact information such as email address and telephone number.

Use of your personal information
OC Emergency uses your personal information:

  • To register you as an app user
  • To alert you in an emergency situation
  • To be able to communicate with you

Personal information may also be anonymized or aggregated and used for quality improvement and reporting purposes.

Sharing your personal information
Some personal information will be shared with the service provider, RallyEngine, strictly for the purpose of managing this app. Personal information will not be shared with any other third party.

Your choices
You may choose to enable or disable push notifications from the app. By choosing to activate push notifications, you are consenting to that service. You may change your mind at any time.

You may choose to either enable or disable the app’s geolocation function. By choosing to activate geolocation, you are consenting to the collection, storage and use of your geographic location information. If you enable geolocation, the app will locate you at the moment you interact with the app (e.g. by opening it), and when an emergency situation is declared at the university. Identifiable location data will only be retained for five days after interacting with the app. You have full control over your location data and you may change your mind at any time.

You may choose to delete the app at any time. No further contact will be initiated if you remove the app.  

Accessing your personal information
At any time, you may view and/or edit your personal information by going to the profile page in the app. 

Security of your personal information
The university, and the service provider RallyEngine, use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Personal information is stored in an encrypted format on a dedicated server located in managed, cloud-hosted server environment.