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Olds College is excited to offer online microcredentials that align with some of the most desired skills sought by top industries.

What Are Microcredentials?

A Microcredential is a certification of assessed competencies that is additional, alternate, complementary to, or a component of a formal qualification. They can be achieved through the completion of the training, including assessment, or through the assessment only. 


Gain practical skills to advance your career or start a new one.


Validate existing skills that demonstrate your capabilities.


Learn at your own pace


Complete most offerings in less than a month.

Digital Badges

Microcredentials can also be combined into digital badges. Because learners have control over where they share them, future employers are immediately able to view qualifications related to specific skills. You can earn microcredentials and badges representing various competencies and from multiple organizations. They help you tell your professional story in a way that is complete and validated. You can share your badges with anyone you like, wherever you like, and however you like including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, via email, embedded in a website etc.

Digital badges at Olds College are managed by you through the College’s digital wallet powered by

Current Offerings

Microcredentials have been developed to allow students to gain or verify knowledge in certain areas. Certain microcredentials have laddering possibilities.

Students who complete all required microcredentials within a predefined area will also receive the badge for that set of competencies. Students who complete all required badges within a course will also receive credit for that course.

Introduction for Crop Production & Facilities

These credentials provide students with an introduction to commercial growing facilities and their associated crop production systems. Environmental management & control, irrigation systems, soil management and pest control are explored in the context of crop production.

Cannabis Legislation & Documentation

These credentials introduce important government legislation and regulations associated with the legal production of Cannabis in Canada. Students will develop a critical understanding related to the need for documentation, packaging and secure product maintenance. In addition, students will acquire an understanding of operating procedures and how these reflect Good Production Practices in the pursuit of compliance with quality standards.    

Horticulture for Cannabis Production

These credentials introduce key management, harvesting and pest management information as it specifically applies to Cannabis production. Students will develop a crucial understanding of Cannabis plant form. In addition, students will itemize the requirements for sanitation in the individual grow room and throughout the facility. Students will also develop an advanced understanding of permissible products and practices that can be brought to bear in the management of pests and diseases.

Cannabis Retail

Canada has been given a unique opportunity with the nation-wide legalization of recreational cannabis. The recreational cannabis industry continues to expand to meet the demand. The front-line of this industry is retail specialists. To be effective and maintain mobility, retailers need to be prepared with knowledge of cannabis history, regulation, genetics, plant biology, human physiology, product knowledge and application. CNB 7100 will lay the foundations of cannabis knowledge through a research-based approach, ideal for retailers, educators, and others to enhance their theoretical and practical skills in this burgeoning industry.