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Plant Development for Greenhouse Crops

plant dev. for greenhouse crops

By exploring the general features of plant development and propagation, the process of seed development, greenhouse crop production and propagation materials, students demonstrate competence related to plant development and commercial greenhouse crops within the context of the horticulture industry.


This badge includes the following microcredentials:

Students will be able to describe the basics of plant naming, the selection of appropriate growing media and methods for detection and elimination of diseases and plant stress.

Seed Development Process

Students will be able to describe the basic life processes of cell division for growth and reproduction and to describe development of the seed from the moment of fertilization to seed collection.

Greenhouse Crops Production

Students will be able to describe the methods and infrastructure necessary for producing a greenhouse crop. Students will also determine a schedule for crop production, including all inputs.

The Scope of Plant Propagation in the Horticulture Industry

Students will assess the scope of plant propagation by developing insights into the plant propagation trade and will apply the requisite skills that are necessary for a career in plant propagation.

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A microcredential is a certification of assessed competencies that is additional, alternate, complementary to, or a component of a formal qualification.