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Managing my Credentials (MyCreds)

Olds College is pleased to partner with MyCreds, powered by Digitary, a leading digital credential expert and platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials, to issue official transcripts, verifications of enrolment, badges and other college documents in a secure digital format.

MyCreds is owned by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC). It is a national credential wallet for post-secondary learners that has been created by Canadian higher education leadership. It represents an example of how ARUCC and Canadian colleges, institutes, and universities are committed to ensuring official and secure document exchange and adhering to the Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) principles, which emphasize, “Citizens worldwide should be able to consult and share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever.” ARUCC became a signatory to the GDN principles in 2015 and Olds College became a signatory in 2021.


Benefits of using MyCreds

The benefits to students and graduates are enormous. Not only does an individual have stronger control over who their documents are shared with, documents issued through the network are authentic, tamper-evident, and legally valid. Additionally, it will eliminate the time in processing your request, the time frame in mailing and the potential of lost documents. MyCreds puts you in the driver’s seat by providing you with 24/7 access to those documents.

  • Document

    Anticipated Availability

    Official Transcript

    Once transcripts are uploaded you will receive an email link to access it when it is issued.


    Verification of Enrolment


    Program Completion Letter


    International Student Offer of Admission


    Digital Parchment


    Third Party requests for information*


    Co-Curricular Recognition Badges


    Continuing Education Badges


    Continuing Education Certificates



  • Some documents will require the payment of a fee that allows the individual to unlock the document and share multiple times over a period of time. Please refer to the following table for more information.

    Document Fee - Share Period
    Official Transcript $9.50 +tax - Per share
    Verification of Enrolment $9.50 +tax - 3 months
    Program Completion Letter $9.50 +tax - Per share
    Provincial Attestation Letter $9.50 +tax Per share
    International Letter of Acceptance $9.50 +tax Per share
    Digital Parchment Free - Lifetime access
    IRCC Post Graduate letter Free - 1 Year
    Third Party requests for information* $9.50 +tax - Per share
    Co-curricular Record Recognition Badges Free - Winter

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Current Credit Students: will be notified through their Olds College email address.
    • Alumni Credit Students: will be notified through email address provided upon document request.
    • Continuing Education Students: will be notified through the email address provided upon registration.
  • A share credit is the term used by MyCreds to indicate if you have paid for the ability to share a document. By default, you will not have any share credits on your MyCreds account when you first use the platform. When you need to share a document with a third party, you will have the ability to buy 1 or more share credits at that time.

    1 share credit = 1 document share = Pay to Share.

  • Fill out a Transcript Request form. Olds College will process the request and you will be sent an email letting you know when it is available. We process transcripts weekly (twice a week during peak times).
  • Fill out a Verification of Enrolment request form.  Olds College will process the request and you will be sent an email letting you know when it is available. We process transcripts weekly (twice a week during peak times).

Registration and Logging In

  • Olds College will email you directly when documents, transcripts and credentials are issued to you through the MyCreds. Make sure you follow the instructions in that email to register and create your MyCreds account.

    Make sure you use the same email address that you used to register when logging in.

  • You can reset the password for your MyCreds™ account by clicking on the “Can’t Sign In?” link on the MyCreds™ login page. This will send a reset password email to your student email address. Make sure you specify the same email address that you used to register.
  • Please check the following:

    • Your spam folder.
    • Make sure you use the same email address as the one you used to register.
    • Please note that the reset password email will be sent to the primary email address that you have set for your MyCreds account.
    If issues persist, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Accessing my documents

  • Please check the MyCreds email that Olds College sent you and click on the link in the email to access your document/s.

    If you are still not able to access your document/s then please contact the Office of the Registrar. Make sure to provide details including the email address you used to login MyCreds account and your student ID.

  • If you have linked your personal email address with your MyCreds account then please try accessing documents by logging into the MyCreds login page with your personal email address.

    If you have not linked your personal email address with your MyCreds account then you will have to request that the Office of the Registrar  re-issue your documents to your personal email address.

Sharing Documents

  • Not all organizations are set up as a “registered organization”. You can still provide them access to your documents and credentials in MyCreds.

    Please share your credentials using the “Generate a link to my documents” option within MyCreds and specify the recipient email in the “Recipient Email” field on the “Document sharing” form. This will send an email to the recipient with the link to access the document.

  • When you first share a document, a notice appears in the top right hand corner of your screen to let you know your share was successful. Also, when you open a document or credential in your MyCreds account, you will find a summary at the top right part of your screen that is called “History”. Click on this to see the summary of actions you took for that document.
  • Go into your MyCreds account, click on “Sharing” (located in the left navigation bar), and make adjustments by clicking on “Disable”. This button is located on the far right side of any document or credential in your MyCreds account. You can also extend and change the time period for access through the same “Sharing” link.

    Note: it is not possible to cancel a share of a document after you have sent it to someone.

Profile Settings and Linking Accounts

  • If your provider is not on the list, use the “E-mail Accounts” => “+ link another email “ option to link accounts.

Charges and Payments

  • Olds College sets the fee amount. There are three payment options that a document may have in MyCreds:

    1. Charge a fee each time you share your document – You purchase share credits that will be used every time you share your document (eg. transcripts).

    2. Pay a fee to pick up your document for a period of time – You pay to access your document for a period of time and then you can view or share it until the access period expires. The access expiry date is viewable on the document page. (eg, Verification of Enrolment)

    3. No charge – There is no fee to view or share your document (eg. parchments; certificates).

  • No, you must purchase at least one share credit the very first time you want to view your document or when the document is updated and you have no share credits associated with the document (ie. zero share credit balance).
  • Yes, if your document has not been updated with new information.
  • When paying for a transaction within MyCreds, the fee is processed using Stripe. However, the actual document fees are set by Olds College. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.
  • Entering your residential address and the billing address associated with the credit card you use is a requirement for use of the MyCreds payment system. If your credit card is rejected, please double check your entries and ensure the correct billing address for that card is inputted. We recommend you also ensure the correct email is provided.

    In order to use the online system, you also need to code in the CVC number which is the three or four digit number located on the back of your card.

    Try to process your payment using another credit card. Sometimes it helps to refresh the browser.

    If the payment still won’t work, contact the Office of the Registrar for help.
  • You can use any card Stripe accepts that can process online transactions, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express.  To process a payment through Stripe you must enter the CVC number, which is available on the back of your card.
  • All purchases made within MyCreds will require your residential address and your billing address associated with your payment card to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Your billing address postal code must match the postal code associated with your bank’s payment card, otherwise your payment will be rejected.
  • The MyCreds team is not able to issue a refund for sharing errors resulting from entering an incorrect email address or selecting the wrong organization. Therefore, please ensure you enter the correct information at the point of sharing.


Please direct all enquiries regarding MyCreds to This includes any questions related to fees, refunds, and functionality of the system. The Office of the Registrar is best positioned to respond to your needs. We look forward to supporting you.

  • Documents are issued via the platform and stored securely in MyCreds. Your data remains under the control of Olds College and this information can only be accessed by you, Olds College, and with whomever you choose to share your documents with.

  • Documents issued through MyCreds are authentic, tamper-evident, and legally valid. The underlying MyCreds system has been independently tested by security experts. MyCreds documents contain digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world.

    An authentic document will always have a blue-ribbon symbol that validates that the document has not been altered after it has been downloaded.

    If a document has been altered or if the digital signature is not authentic, a symbol with a red cross will signify the document is not valid.

  • The Olds College will be taking a phased approach to the documents that will be issued via the MyCreds network.

    Please refer to the schedule below for more information. This schedule will be updated as documents become available.

For more information contact: