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Admitted Students

Congratulations on being admitted to Olds College! We are excited to have you join us. This is your “one stop shop” for accessing Olds College information and receiving updates, from the time you are admitted until you arrive on campus.

Getting Started - Enrolment Checklist  

Once you’ve received your acceptance email, we encourage you to complete our enrolment checklist.

Admitted Students Webinars  International Students Checklist  Apprentice Checklist 

Start right away:

Pay your Tuition Deposit

To reserve your seat, a tuition deposit is required. Payment must be received by the specific date on your admission letter.

Tuition Deposits

Access your Student E-mail

Every Olds College of Agriculture & Technology student and employee has an institutional e-mail account. E-mail accounts are generated upon admission to Olds College of Agriculture & Technology.

Student Email

Access your ‘My Olds College’ Account

Students have access to their MyOldsCollege account when they apply to a program and it can be used to track the status of their application.

You will also be able to view or update your personal information, view important dates and deadlines, see your timetable, final grades, and account balance, and be able to access tax forms or make credit card payments.

Learn more about MyOldsCollege Access My Olds College

Review Academic Dates and Schedules

Review your program start and end dates and campus closures.

Final exam dates will also be posted here when they become available.

Dates & Schedules

Explore Student Funding Options

There are many student funding opportunities, including government student loans, RESPs, student lines of credit and much more.

Please note: government student loan applications typically open in June for the upcoming academic year.

Student Funding

Plan your Living Arrangements

Make the most of your college experience by living on campus. Apply now to live amongst your peers in a secure, fun, and supportive environment – plus it’s super convenient!

For students that are required to live off campus (TEP, families, pets), a list of resources is provided through the SAOC or you can contact your Admission or Academic Advisor.

Register for Accessibility Services

If you require academic accommodations, the earlier you register the better! Once you have been accepted into your program, it is a good idea to try and gather all the supporting documents you might need and complete the online registration form.

Accessibility Services

Apply for Prior Learning & Recognition

There are three ways in which Recognition of Prior Learning can be undertaken:

  1. Transfer Credit

  2. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition of Experiential Learning

  3. Challenge Exam

All admitted students that would like to start the Recognition of Prior Learning assessment must apply a minimum of four weeks prior to their program start date.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Book a Campus Tour

Come for a visit! Guided campus tours are available Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 3:00pm. Taking a tour is a great way to explore facilities and campus.

Campus Tours

One month before your program begins:

Confirm your Admission Status

Full Admission is required to attend Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. Final marks/transcripts are required within one month following the completion for each course and no later than one month prior to the start of the program.

Conditional Admission

Attend an Admitted Student Webinar

Mark your calendar to attend an Admitted Student Webinar (approximately 1 hour). We will spend some quality time covering important details regarding your admission to Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, and all from the comfort of your own home. A recording is also available on our orientation page.

Admitted Student Webinars

Review your Equipment & Material List

Visit your program page and scroll to the very bottom to view the “Admitted Student Information” section, including required books and supplies.

Please ensure you note the preferred device.

Refer to the Fee Schedule for an estimated maximum cost of new equipment and supplies. This cost is not included in your tuition and fees nor is it billed to your MyOldsCollege account.

Information on other required textbooks and any further supplies will be provided as you attend each class or will be available with the Campus Store. All books and supplies will be available during the first few weeks of classes in the Campus Store.

Textbook lists are available through the course outline in the Academic Calendar. There may also be a textbook order form for some programs in the Admitted Student Information section of your program page. The SAOC and Campus Store have limited amounts of used textbooks.

Complete your Online Orientation

All students must complete the online orientation (and RESPECT Campaign). The orientation outlines student responsibilities and expectations.

Orientation Day

Confirm your Program Tuition & Fees

Review the Fee Schedule to view your program costs for the upcoming academic year, estimated costs for your books and supplies, and tuition payment deadlines.

The Fee schedule is made available in the Spring of each year.

Tuition and fees are assessed per term and payment is due on the first Friday after the start of each term. You can find a summary in your MyOldsCollege account.

Tuition Fees and Payments

Confirm your SAOC Benefits

Fees for the student plan are assessed automatically and the Health & Dental Plan is mandatory for all students (part- and full-time) in programs longer than twelve weeks. You will be added to the health and dental plan within 45 days from the start date of your program. 

The deadline to Opt-Out is 30 days after the start date of your program.

Apprentices, Heavy Equipment Operator, and Pre-Employment students are able to Opt-In for Health & Dental coverage.

SAOC Student Plan

Confirm your Class Schedule

Students will be automatically scheduled for a full-time course load for their program. Due to the size and structure of most programs, there are limited opportunities to change this fixed schedule.

Details regarding your fees and schedule will be available in your MyOldsCollege account approximately one month prior to your program start date.

You are attending a full-time program with classes scheduled from Monday through Friday. Although you may not have classes scheduled throughout the day, please ensure you have allocated time for additional projects or homework.

The MyOldsCollege schedule time zone is Mountain Time.

Your timetable details courses that, if applicable to your specific program delivery, will be completed online, online with virtual attendance scheduled on specific days and times, and courses with in-person on-campus attendance.

  • Courses that include in-person on-campus attendance are indicated in the weekly schedule and include a building and room location.
  • Online courses that require virtual attendance on specific days and times are indicated in the weekly schedule with the location identified as “OLDS MOODLE.” 
  • Online courses without required attendance are listed on the bottom of the weekly schedule under the heading “Courses without Assigned Meeting Times”.  

Please note that instructors will be available to support students in all classes whether the course is scheduled or unscheduled.

Students may be required to be on campus outside of scheduled class time to complete program specific requirements.

Students in certain programs (Open Studies, Post Diploma Certificate) will be contacted by a Student Advisor to discuss course selection.

Some programs utilise block week delivery (fewer classes over a shorter period of time) as compared to traditional delivery (for example, five courses over the entire term). Please ensure you skip through each week within your MyOldsCollege account to have a better understanding of your class schedule.

Login to your MyOldsCollege account > Select the ‘Student Services’ Tab at the top of the page > Select “Registration” to view your timetable of courses > Select the timetable view that you prefer. (Student Timetable by Day & Time is most commonly used.)

Obtain a Parking Pass

All students, staff and visitors who park on campus between the hours of 5 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, September to June are required to have a parking permit. This includes students living in campus housing.

Parking on Campus

Register for an Airport Shuttle

An Airport Shuttle Service is complimentary for students arriving at Calgary International Airport (YYC) and living in on campus housing. Please register in advance!

Register for the Airport Shuttle

Request a Verification of Enrolment

Verification of Enrolment forms are typically required to access RESPs. 

Verifications of Enrolment will only be issued one month prior to your program start date.

Confirm Campus Dining Options

There are a number of dining options available on campus.

Meal plans are available at Elements Dining Fusion in Frank Grisdale Hall.

Students living in Centennial Village are required to have a Meal Plan.

Dine on Campus

Submit your Student ID Photo

The Student ID card is used to identify you as an Olds College of Agriculture & Technology student. Your Student ID card is required to participate in a number of college activities and services (CLC Fitness, Library, Campus Dining, Building Access, Meal Plans, etc.).

Student ID Card

Understand your Program of Study

Review your Program of Study to view your curriculum, lecture and laboratory time, and graduation requirements. The terms (or semesters) also align with the Fee Schedule.

Your Program of Study will list courses with numbers behind them (#-#-#). These provide the lecture-laboratory-tutorial breakdown of course hours. Each number is multiplied by a 15 hour equivalent for each term.

The Academic Calendar also provides course outlines where you can find textbook information.

Review your Add, Drop, & Withdrawal Deadlines

As an Olds College of Agriculture & Technology student your timetable is automatically scheduled. If you require changes to your schedule, please complete an Add/Drop form and reach out to your Student Advisors, Crystal or Cindy (

The add, drop, and withdrawal deadlines are determined by the start and end date of your course. Courses offered through block week delivery will have faster approaching deadlines than those offered through traditional delivery.

Also watch your Olds College of Agriculture & Technology e-mail for meeting availability during the first week of classes to make schedule changes.

Add, Drop, & Withdrawal

Once your program begins:

Apply for Student Awards

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology offers a variety of awards valued at over $550,000. Students fill out one application to be considered for all awards that they are eligible for. Applications open at the beginning of the Fall and Winter terms.

Scholarships & Awards

Access Athletic, Recreation & Fitness Opportunities

Go Broncos: Olds College of Agriculture & Technology student athletes compete at the highest level in the provincial Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) and national Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) leagues. We have teams in men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, soccer, futsal, badminton, curling, women’s hockey and rodeo. For recruitment, please visit their webpage.


CLC Fitness Centre: A wide range of recreation opportunities are offered to our students through the CLC Fitness Centre located on campus.


Aquatic Centre: The Town of Olds operates the Aquatic Centre and it is available for all students located on campus.

Access Student Health & Wellness Services

Our Health & Wellness team is here to help! Contact them if you need Health Services (e.g., Doctor, Nurse, Counsellors), Wellness Services (e.g., massage, indigenous services), or access to additional health and wellness resources.

Health & Wellness

Review SAOC Services

The Students' Association of Olds College of Agriculture & Technology plays an important role – they represent the student voice on campus for students’ needs and issues and priorities to staff, faculty, and executive.

Visit the Student’s Association of Olds College of Agriculture & Technology (SAOC) to learn about all the services they offer: Clubs, Events & Activities, The Crossing Pub, SAOC Job Board, SAOC Pantry, Off-Campus Housing, Textbook Buy & Sell, and The Hive.

Student Association Olds College

Review Student Policies

Student and Academic Policies are found in Section D

These are policies that have a direct impact on YOU! There are over 30 in total: Student Code of Conduct, Grading, Granting of Credit, Complaints & Appeals, Academic Integrity, Student Trips, and more. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with their location should you need to reference them when you’re here.

Graduation requirements are found in your Program of Study.

Policies & Procedures

Review TLCI and Learning Supports

Our Teaching & Learning Centre of Innovation team offers a number of services to assist you with your program. Make sure to reach out to them if you need assistance with library services, technology support, or learning support (e.g., tutors, organisation skills, exam strategies, note taking).

TIP: Olds College uses Google to organise and access our information from anywhere. The training material on this page will help you get started and you may find this useful in your preparations.

Teaching and Learning Centre of Innovation

Review Campus Safety

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology is committed to creating a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students, staff and visitors. 

The Respect on Campus Program helps build an even stronger campus culture where everyone feels valued and is free from workplace Bullying, Abuse, Harassment, and Discrimination. The Respect on Campus Program can be found through Moodle.

ALERT app - Download the App from the app store on your device. This is the official safety app of Olds College of Agriculture & Technology and features emergency contacts, crisis alerts, in-app tip reporting, location services features, and much more!

The Safe Walk program is offered through Campus Security.

Campus Safety

Access Student Forms

A single location for you to find and submit forms required for Registration & Records, Student Life, Graduation, and Health & Wellness.

Student Forms

Visit the Student Hub

You can find all things related to Olds College of Agriculture & Technology life on the STUDENT HUB - it has everything you need to know about Academic Services, Financial Services, Student Life, Learning & Technical Supports, Campus Events, and so much more!

Orientation Day Information

We’ve created a schedule to help you maximize your time, avoid long lineups and help you through your first day on your campus.

Orientation Day

Admitted Student Webinars

You’ve been admitted (Congrats!), now what? Learn about the next steps in your journey to becoming an Olds College student. Mark your calendar to attend an Admitted Student Webinar (approximately 1 hour). We will spend some quality time covering important details regarding your admission to Olds College, and all from the comfort of your own home.

Attend an Admitted Student Webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to learn from my program?

Your program outline is available on your specific program page. Additionally, you can view our Academic Calendar which can provide you with detailed information on your program. You can view the Academic Calendar by program or alphabetically.

View our ProgramsView our Academic Calendar
What are my funding options, including student loans & scholarships?

There are many options to help you fund your education. Our Financial Aid Officer on campus will be more than happy to assist you prepare student loan documentation, provide confirmation of enrolment to release RESP's or obtain private loans, and help you find funding.

View Student Funding

Olds College offers over 400 awards, valued at over $400,000 in scholarships, bursaries and prizes. Additionally, there are plenty of awards out there that are not administered by Olds College.

View Awards & Scholarships

Where can I park on campus?

All students who park on campus between 5 am and 5 pm, Monday – Friday, September – June are required to have a parking permit.

Learn More

How can I get a Verification of Enrolment for RESP funding?

RESP providers often ask for a verification or confirmation of enrolment. You must request these forms on your own behalf. 

You can give permission to a third party to make this request for you, but you must first sign and send a Consent to Release Student Information Form to the Registrar's Office.

Contact Enrolment Services:

What are my options as a student for extended health & dental benefits?

Extended health & dental benefits are offered through the Students' Association of Olds College (SAOC). You can learn more and access the opt in/opt out form online.

Learn More

What can the Office of the Registrar assist me with?

The Office of the Registrar is here to help any current or future students navigate through their academic careers. Our priority is providing enrolment services to current and future students. Located in the Bell e-Learning Centre, our team is here to assist you with:

  • admissions
  • campus tours
  • program & College information
  • policies & procedures
  • payments
  • student loans
  • student awards
  • parking
  • course registration
  • transfer credit and prior learning
  • transcripts
  • graduation
I am an international student, where can I find admitted student information?

International students are an important part of the Olds College community. We pride ourselves in providing programs and support systems that help all of our students be successful. 

Get all the information you need now that you have been accepted into an Olds College program including study permits, fees and funding.

International admitted student information

I have previous education/life experience, how can I apply for a Recognition of Prior Learning?

Olds College recognizes that learning is a continual process that can be achieved through formal, non-formal, and informal avenues including credit courses and programs offered at other institutions, non-credit courses, on-the-job training, professional workshops and skills gained outside the classroom through life and workplace experiences.

Learn More

What health, fitness, peer and student support services are offered?

Olds College strives to ensure you have the best experience at college. Some services we offer include: