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Reports & Publications

Reports and Policies are crucial to the effective, responsible governance and operation of an organization. Olds College has created policies based upon our vision, mission and values that help guide our organization.


Strategic Plan: Growing 2025

Our Strategic Plan: Growing 2025 articulates our social purpose and the drivers that will enable us to achieve it. The plan was originally created in 2018. In 2021, in consultation with the Olds College campus community, the Leadership Team worked to update the plan to continue to guide us as we focus on growth and supporting the agriculture and agri-food industry.

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Campus Master Plan

Olds College has been working to create a Campus Master Plan. The Master Plan is designed as a roadmap to make the best use of the College’s resources in order to have the strongest positive impact in the advancement of our  institutional Ends and our Strategic Drivers, as well as the experience of College community and visitors.

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Our Publications


Horizons Magazine
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Annual Report
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Olds College Academic Plan
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Smart Farm Impact Report
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FCDC Strategic Plan
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Annual Report

As a publicly funded organization, we hold a responsibility to operate with priorities such as responsibility and sustainability. In our Annual Reports and other reports, we are showcasing our commitment to responsible governance and sustainable practices.