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Academic Council

The Academic Council is duly established by the Post Secondary Learning Act, 2003 (effective May 4, 2017). One must exist for each College with membership being equally allocated between Board, faculty and student representatives. The Post Secondary Learning Act provides general guidelines and constitutions for individual Councils appropriate for local development and review of academic policy and procedures. Olds College Academic Council was established 7, December, 1978.

While technically Academic Council is not a standing committee of the Board, its significance to College affairs is such to warrant identification as part of the Board structure. The mandate and procedures for Academic Council are housed in the Council’s Constitution. This Constitution is a document agreed upon between the constituent groups, Board, faculty and students.

Academic Council Representatives

Board of Governors Representatives:

  • Ben Cecil (President)
  • Debbie Thompson (Vice President, Academic)
  • Peter Mal (Vice President, Student Experience) CHAIR
  • Dillon Andrus-Dobbs (Registrar) 
  • Dennis Beaudoin (Dean, Trades & Skills)
  • Dalin Bullock (Dean, Life Science & Business)
  • Jay Steeves (Dean, Werklund School of Agriculture Technology) 
  • Paul Blankestijn (Associate Dean, Trades & Skills) (ALTERNATE)
  • Megan Ducharme (Associate Dean, Life Science & Business) (ALTERNATE)
  • Lisa King (Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning, Werklund School of Agriculture) (ALTERNATE)

Faculty Representatives:

  • Andrea Mix (OCFA VP Academic)
  • Gord Ahner (Instructor, Life Sciences & Business)
  • Dustin Farr (Instructor, Werklund School of Agriculture Technology)
  • Keith Friedlander (Instructor, Werklund School of Agriculture Technology)
  • Dan Karran (Instructor, Werklund School of Agriculture Technology)
  • Robert Spencer (Instructor, Life Sciences & Business)
  • Bob Van Someren (Instructor, Trades & Skills)
  • Jason Finnigan (Instructor, Trades & Skills) (ALTERNATE)
  • Ken Fry (Instructor, Life Sciences & Business) (ALTERNATE)
  • Nicole Zukiwsky (Instructor, Werklund School of Agriculture Technology) (ALTERNATE)

Student Representatives: 

  • Mackenzie Rendall (SAOC Vice President, Academic)
  • Angela Deng
  • Amanda Hopper
  • Ryoichi Kato
  • Jillian McCambly 
  • Courtney Skjerdal

For more information or to request archived meeting minutes, contact 

Bronwyn Petersen