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Parking at Olds College

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology has adopted a new parking system on campus called HotSpot Parking, starting on January 1, 2024. Students, staff, faculty and college visitors parking on campus are required to have a parking permit or tap-and-pay for your short-term parking.

Purchase a Visitor Parking Permit Purchase an EV Charging Parking Permit

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Olds College of Agriculture & Technology enforces a pay for parking policy from September to June between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday to Friday. 

  • Residence parking is considered enforceable 24/7 in Lots F, FF, G, GG, H and R. Parking in Lot N is not permitted by Olds College students, no evening parking permitted in Lot N. Lot D is considered a Residence overflow lot when a permit cannot find parking in their designated lot on a temporary basis. 
  • Parking on campus requires a valid permit or short-term payment. Payments can be made through the HotSpot app on your phone, or on their website by scanning the QR Code in each parking lot.

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Purchasing a Permit

  • Parking permits are available through HotSpot. You must register for HotSpot with your Olds College email address ( to access parking permits. HotSpot is available for ios and Android devices, and online. Purchases can be made through the HotSpot app or on the HotSpot website. For information about creating an account and purchasing permits, please view the HotSpot instruction documents.

    Use the HotSpot App

    • Download the HotSpot app from the Apple or Google app store
    • Follow the prompts to set-up your own personal account
    • Add money to your virtual HotSpot wallet
    • Enter the zone number indicated on signs in the parking lot to start paying for parking
    • Parking payments will be automatically deducted from your HotSpot virtual wallet

    *It is recommended that you set up a HotSpot account prior to arriving on campus.

    Parking permits are available for purchase through HotSpot. For more information about purchasing permits, view this How To video. You can also get a parking permit in-person at the Registrar's Office.

    Parking permits are issued on the understanding that the owner/driver has the responsibility for obtaining and adhering to all traffic laws and campus regulations in place. The Traffic Act is fully applicable on campus 24 hours a day. The Town of Olds has parking restrictions in effect in residential areas close to the College. Individuals are strongly encouraged not to park in these neighborhoods and to use the appropriate parking lots on campus.


  • Olds College of Agriculture & Technology offers a variety of options to pay for parking as a visitor to campus. Visitors are required to pay for parking on campus. Visitors may park in Lots B, C, D, or L on an hourly basis. You will need to input your licence plate number into the system.

    Purchase a Visitor Parking Permit Purchase an EV Charging Parking Permit

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  • Permit Type



    Student - General (Monthly)

    A, D, I, J, S


    Student - General (Winter Term 2024)

    A, D, I, J, S

    $72/Term (January to April 2024)

    Staff - Plug-In

    A, AA, B, C, D, K


    Staff - Non Plug-In

    AA, C, D, I, J, L, M, S


    Centennial Village Residence Permit

    F, FF, G


    Townhouse Residence Permit

    GG, R, H


    Visitor - HotSpot 1020
    Purchase Visit Permit

    B, C, D, L


    Electric Vehicle - HotSpot 1040
    Purchase EV Permit

    B, D


Parking Enforcement

Pay your Fine

Infraction tickets can be paid through the HotSpot App, or the HotSpot website. Follow the directions that will be printed on the ticket. Purchase of a permit means that you will be responsible for your vehicle while it is parked on campus. The vehicle must be legally parked. You are responsible to pay all traffic offense notices issued to your vehicle.

Pay Your Ticket Here


Towing of a vehicle from the campus shall only be used as a last resort when all other avenues for resolution of a violation have been exhausted. Towing services will be provided by a private vendor and vehicles removed to a compound off campus. Towing fines will be levied as per the vendor’s fee structure. Owners will be responsible to claim their own vehicles and pay the charges. 

The violations resulting in towing include (but are not limited to) parking in the following designated: roadways, crosswalks, loading zones, grassed areas, sidewalks, curbs, on parking bumpers, handicap spaces, barricaded areas, or in any manner which obstructs the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Limitation of Liability

Fees for parking permits are charged for parking space only. Olds College of Agriculture & Technology does not take custody of vehicles and assumes no responsibility for loss of a vehicle or its contents, due to damage, fire, theft, collision or other hazards. Olds College shall not be responsible for loss or damage to a vehicle or its contents resulting from the actions or inaction of college personnel or contractors. Therefore, any motor vehicle parked, operated or driven on the campus shall be solely at the risk of the owner and operator. To limit your risk of loss, lock your vehicle at all times and don't leave valuables in your vehicle.

Multiple Vehicles

HotSpot allows for a user to add multiple vehicles into the HotSpot app. However, you must ensure the correct vehicle is assigned to the permit the day of parking. Users can select a "default" vehicle that is attached to the permit. If you switch or change a vehicle you must assign the vehicle to the permit to not get a ticket. 

EV Charging

EV charging is a separate cost from your parking permit. With an increase in EV vehicles at Olds College individuals will need to pay per hour for the time they are in an EV stall. Once you have finished your charge/alloted permit time you will need to move to another parking stall. A parking permit will be required for all non-EV stalls. 

Policies & Regulations

Parking regulations apply to all vehicles parked at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology as part of Policy A14: Campus Parking.

Please respect our community neighbours and refrain from parking on nearby streets, by the Pomeroy Hotel, at the Aquatic Centre, or in Lot N. Students and staff may be ticketed or towed in these areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students have been sold parking permits for the fall semester only. Students have not yet paid for winter semester parking. The existing parking placard is only good until the end of December. In January 2024, you will need to purchase parking through the HotSpot app, website, or in-person at the Registrar’s Office.

    Staff on payroll deduction do not need to make any changes. You will receive an email to your Olds College email address with HotSpot account information. Staff and faculty will be provided the necessary instructions to finalize the account creation in hotspot and allow for permit selection. It is important that you continue through the steps of account creation and ensure the submitted information such as licence plate number is correct.

  • You can purchase new permits from the HotSpot app, HotSpot website or in-person at the Registrar’s Office.

    On the app, payments can be made by Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa or Mastercard. In person, purchases can be made by debit, credit or cash.

    Further instructions on how to download the app and select the appropriate parking permits will be available when the Olds College of Agriculture & Technology platform is ready (expected in December). Stay tuned.

  • Parking is now validated through license plate recognition, rather than a hanging placard.

    One purchaser can have up to two license plates on their permit. This is intended for those who have multiple vehicles, these  two vehicles cannot be parked at the same time on-campus. Users need to manage their HotSpot account to ensure the correct vehicle and license plate are chosen during their parking session.

  • In most cases, yes, visitors will have to pay for parking on Olds College of Agriculture & Technology campus.

    Exceptions may be considered and details of this process are being developed.

    Short-term, free 15 minute parking will be available at our Retail Meat Store and Greenhouse.

    Special events can apply to have free parking for the day. Stay tuned as a process will be developed.

    Guests are able to tap-and-pay through HotSpot signs with a QR code that will be at each parking lot.

  • You can pay to park in a parking lot that has plug-in parking, however, you do not pay for an individual stall.
  • Yes, you can pay an hourly parking rate for an electric vehicle charging station, per the table above.

  • All parking lots on the Olds College of Agriculture & Technology campus will be impacted.

    All parkers on campus are expected to have a valid parking permit.

  • Residence parking will only be made available to students living in residence and residence staff  in the parking lots immediately surrounding the residences (F, FF, G, GG, H, R).

    If surplus parking is available in residence, it may be released to non-residence students and staff.

  • For the duration of 2023-24 academic year, Olds High School students and staff will continue to use Chinook’s Edge parking permits.

    These parkers will continue to go to the High School Administration office for their parking inquiries and permits.

  • I got a parking ticket on my windshield. Now what? 

    • Infraction tickets can be paid through the HotSpot App, or website. Directions will be printed on the ticket.

    • Purchase of a permit means that you will be responsible for your vehicle while it is parked on campus. The vehicle must be legally parked. You are responsible to pay all traffic offense notices issued to your vehicle.

    Can I dispute my parking ticket?

    • Yes, appeals can be made through the HotSpot App or Website.

    • Not knowing the rules is not considered a reasonable excuse for having a traffic offense notice cancelled. Vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed for infractions.

    What do I need to know about the accumulation of violation tickets?

    • Any vehicle that has accumulated three or more tickets will be towed to an Olds’ impound lot at the owner’s expense. The accumulation of violations may result in:

      • Tow and impoundment

      • Confiscation of permits and/or access

      • Suspension or revoking of parking privileges

    • The owner is responsible for paying for any outstanding tickets prior to retrieving their vehicle from the impound lot.

  • HotSpot recognizes the importance of keeping your information safe and uses commercially reasonable efforts to ensure their services and site are secure as possible. Please read HotSpot’s Privacy Policy for more information.

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