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Our Faculty

School of Life Science & Business
Marion Anderson headshot

Marion Anderson

Equine Reproduction Instructor

Alisa Brace headshot

Alisa Brace


Gerard Fournier headshot

Gerard Fournier


Ken Fry headshot

Ken Fry

Entomology Instructor

Tyler Grant headshot

Tyler Grant


Laureen Hall  headshot

Laureen Hall

Animal Health Technology Instructor

Kim Kennedy headshot

Kim Kennedy

Business Instructor

Jackie Lind headshot

Jackie Lind


Jason Pick headshot

Jason Pick

Turfgrass Instructor

BR Pirri headshot

BR Pirri


Phil Renaud headshot

Phil Renaud

Arboriculture Instructor

Jaryn Scheck  headshot

Jaryn Scheck

Animal Health Instructor

Kelsey Shacker headshot

Kelsey Shacker

Animal Health Technology Instructor

Kurt Spady headshot

Kurt Spady

Business Management Instructor

Robert Spencer headshot

Robert Spencer

Horticulture Instructor

Werklund School of Agriculture Technology
Christine Chalaturnyk headshot

Christine Chalaturnyk

Associate Dean

Brad Dowell   headshot

Brad Dowell

Master Instructor Ag Management

Dustin Farr headshot

Dustin Farr


Keith Friedlander headshot

Keith Friedlander

Instructor Business Communications

George Gaeke headshot

George Gaeke


Bob Hoffos headshot

Bob Hoffos

Geospatial Technologies and Drone Instructor

David Johnson headshot

David Johnson


Dan Karran headshot

Dan Karran


Alireza Keyhani headshot

Alireza Keyhani

Instructor Agriculture Technology

Lisa King headshot

Lisa King

Associate Dean

Nicola Millions Hollamby headshot

Nicola Millions Hollamby

Land and Water Resources Instructor

Laura Mills headshot

Laura Mills


Brendan Richardson headshot

Brendan Richardson


Nicole Zukiwsky  headshot

Nicole Zukiwsky

Livestock Production Instructor

School of Trades & Skills
Brenda Bauer headshot

Brenda Bauer

Hospitality & Tourism Management Instructor

Dennis Beaudoin headshot

Dennis Beaudoin

Dean of School of Trades and Skills

Sean Bieri headshot

Sean Bieri

Assistant Brewer

Paul Blankestijn headshot

Paul Blankestijn

Associate Dean, School of Trades and Skills

Jason Finnigan headshot

Jason Finnigan

Associate Dean

Doug Johnson headshot

Doug Johnson


Tony Jordan headshot

Tony Jordan


Madeline Kwan headshot

Madeline Kwan

Farrier Science Instructor

Dave Moroz headshot

Dave Moroz


James Palidwar headshot

James Palidwar


Aaron Perry headshot

Aaron Perry

Farrier Science Instructor