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Brad Dowell

Master Instructor Ag Management


I grew up on a mixed farm and I am a third generation graduate of OC.I am trained as an agronomist as well as an ag economist.What matters to me is making a difference. I have inspired many people to become leaders, high achievers and along with developing respect for themselves and their abilities.

I have been recognized as a Master Instructor for the last 22 years while teaching ag marketing, price risk management courses, farm finance, ag technology courses, managerial accounting and ag accounting. I have taught several e-learning/distance courses over the past several years and each time I learn something new. I worked for the Canola Council of Canada for several years and I also spent 3 years in the United States, living in Georgia, while I worked as a Product Development Agronomist for a company called Calgene (Canola specialty oils). I have traveled to Russia, Kyrgyz, New Zealand, Australia, France and Fiji to name a few.


Werklund School of Agriculture Technology


  • Agronomist
  • Education

    M.Sc. Ag Econ

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