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Are you ready to transform your college years into an unforgettable adventure? Living on campus at Olds College is your gateway to a journey filled with academic achievements, personal growth, and lifelong friendships. Immerse yourself in the heart of student life and embrace the opportunities that await you.

Living on campus fully immerses you in the vibrant college experience. Our student-centered campus offers
many advantages for an exceptional time here. We prioritize your safety, experience, & well-being; making it the ultimate place to call home while you study.

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Centennial Village


Centennial Village features over 400 single, private rooms and plenty of shared social and study spaces. Each room is equipped with a private washroom, large closet, double bed, and desk.

Fees Overview: $163.40/week + Meal Plan $111.30 - $167.50/Week

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College Court Townhouses


Townhouses are furnished with a stove, fridge/freezer, chest freezer, living room furniture, kitchen table and chairs. Each bedroom has a bed, desk, chair, closet and bookshelf.

Fees Overview: $207.50/week (includes $200/term Flex Pass Meal Plan)

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Why Live on Campus?

Top five reasons to live in residence:

Live Close

No more commuting means you can hit the snooze button one more time. All buildings on campus are a five minute walk away.

Vibrant Community

Living in residence creates a vibrant community where classmates and friends are just a door or two away.

Academic Success

Studies show that students who live in residence perform better academically and are more likely to complete their programs.

Cost-Effective Living

Our on-campus housing fee includes internet, cable, water, heat and electricity. Plus, our rooms come furnished with a bed and desk.

Have Fun

Our Residence Service team curates an exciting schedule of activities, ensuring endless fun for everyone! Experience pet nights, sizzling BBQs, and so much more.

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    Have Fun

    Your Residents Assistants are students like you who create social activities and connect with you to ensure you're getting the most out of living on campus. You'll have access to campus-wide and residence based events like BBQ's, pet therapy, and movie nights!
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    Find Support

    On-site dedicated residents assistants, coordinators, and staff can help your transition to campus living. Olds College also features on-site counseling, medical staff, and wellness services.
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    Be Safe

    Living within a five minute walk from your classes means no commuting. 24 Hour Campus Security monitors the interior and exterior of all residence buildings and offers a SafeWalk program. All residence rooms and buildings are secured with key access.

Guest Accommodation and Short Stays

On-site accommodations are available in student residences, campsites, and at the Pomeroy Inn & Suites. Availability is dependent on student occupancy and maintenance schedules.

Note: Student residences are not available for short-stay during the academic year.

Conference & Event Services

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