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Donor Profiles

Partnerships with our community, industry and government partnerships are crucial to the success of Olds College and our students. Thanks to the over 500 partnerships that we have in place, we are able to provide our students with the education and life skills that they need to enter the workforce and become leaders in their communities and industries.

Partner of the Year

Every year, Olds College presents a very special award to one of our biggest supporters - the Olds College Partner of the Year award. This award is determined by a process that consults College staff, faculty and alumni. Senior Administration deliberates over the nominations and makes their recommendation to the Olds College Board of Governors, who chooses the recipient.

2023 Partner of the Year - Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC)

Collaboration between Olds College and AFSC has been instrumental in driving innovation, providing technical solutions, and creating valuable training opportunities for the agriculture industry.

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Past Partners of the Year include:

  • highfield.jpegOlds College is pleased to announce that Highfield Investment Group has been selected as the Olds College 2022 Partner of the Year.

    A diversified investment company, Highfield Investment Group began their partnership with Olds College in 2009 supporting student awards and athletics. Highfield Investment Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability led them to expand that partnership to support wetlands research at Olds College. “We are very pleased to announce that Highfield Investment Group is our 2022 Partner of the Year,” comments Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “Olds College shares tremendous alignment with Highfield Investment Group in environmental sustainability and protecting one of our most important resources, water.”

  • TELUS AgricultureIn 2020, Olds College and TELUS Agriculture created a million dollar partnership in support of the Olds College Smart Farm and the development, acceleration and integration of technology into the global agri-food value chain.

    On the Olds College Smart Farm, TELUS Agriculture has been testing innovations like security solutions, weather stations, field sensors, and rural connectivity solutions.

    In the near future, the Smart Farm will provide live testing for TELUS’ 5G network, which has the potential to enable faster, more reliable connections.

    “We are very pleased to announce that TELUS Agriculture is our 2021 Partner of the Year,” comments Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “Olds College and TELUS Agriculture share tremendous alignment in our values and our desire to optimize the food production value chain through the flow and utilization of data. We are both purpose-driven organizations working together to advance the agriculture sector. On behalf of Olds College, I would like to sincerely thank TELUS Agriculture for their partnership and investment into Olds College. We congratulate them on being our 2021 Partner of the year.”

  • In 2018, FCC stepped forward as the College’s first corporate partner of the Olds College Smart Farm. Since then, FCC has made a four-year commitment to Olds College and its focus on cultivating informed decisions through the advancement of ag technology learning and applied research at the Smart Farm. Through this partnership, Olds College was also able to create the AgExpert Data Lab, located in the Smart Ag Innovation Centre — the lab is a technologically advanced workspace, available for students, instructors, industry partners and the Smart Farm Integration Team to meet, collaborate and learn.

    “We are thrilled to announce that Farm Credit Canada is our 2020 Partner of the Year,” comments Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “Olds College and FCC share a common goal of supporting the growth and advancement of Canada’s agriculture and agrifood industry. Our partnership with FCC is much greater than a financial commitment, they were one of the first industry partners to step up and support our vision for the Olds College Smart Farm. On behalf of Olds College, I would like to sincerely thank FCC for their partnership and investment into Olds College. We congratulate them on being our 2020 Partner of the year.”

  • UFA recently partnered with Olds College in support of the College’s focus on agriculture innovation and technology with a donation of $500,000. The five-year financial commitment has enabled Olds College to create the UFA Innovation Lab, located on campus inside the newly constructed Smart Ag Innovation Centre, along with funding the Olds College Smart Farm.

    In addition, UFA has also partnered with the College to host UFA Innovation Day, a Dragon’s Den style competition for students to pitch their ag innovation ideas. The top ideas will receive mentorship and financial support.

    “UFA’s ongoing financial commitment is a reflection of a mutually beneficial partnership between two long standing agricultural organizations,” said Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “On behalf of the College, I would like to thank UFA for their continued commitment towards investing in the future of agricultural innovation and technology, investing in our students and investing in Olds College.”

  • Mountain View County has a long history of supporting Olds College, most recently pledging support via a $500,000 contribution to the Werklund Agriculture Institute. The support that Olds College has received from Mountain View County over the years, through donating space to our Heavy Equipment Operator program, funds to our Meat Processing program, and most recently to the contributions of the Werklund Agriculture Institute, is a testament to our strong, long-standing, mutually beneficial partnership.

    “Mountain View County has been a long standing partner of Olds College, and that speaks to relationship that we have with the county,” explains Patrick Machacek, Vice President, Development at Olds College. “I think they recognize the importance of what the College does for students here in Mountain View County, but also for the rest of Alberta.”

  • Through their transformational gift of $16M, the largest ever personal donation to an Alberta college or technical institution, Olds College will establish the Werklund Agriculture Institute (WAI) and will specialize in smart agriculture. With a vision to be the world’s premier destination for an integrated agricultural leadership learning experience, the WAI will engage students, researchers and industry in smart and sustainable agriculture and agri-business solutions, leadership, and education to contribute to Western Canada’s leadership position as an agriculture and food powerhouse.

    “Mr. Werklund and Ms. Norman’s generous donation will accelerate engagement, innovation and technology adoption within the agriculture and food industry, and open up new agriculture enterprise in Alberta and around the world.”

    - Dr. H.J (Tom) Thompson, Past President, Olds College

  • Ben Meyer, President of Shunda Consulting & Construction Management Ltd. will be honoured as the 2016 Olds College Partner of the Year at the College’s 14th Annual Growing the Legacy Gala.Meyer’s collaborated to design and build the innovative new Centennial Village student housing facility, along with the renovation of the existing College Courts townhouses.

  • Our community prides itself on being innovative, a leader in Alberta’s rural development, and O-NET and Olds College share part of the credit for that. O-NET has proven that it is possible to build a reliable high-speed network that meets the needs of the community without relying on large national corporations.

    The O-NET fibre network permits everyone enough bandwidth to meet their needs, whether for personal or business use, or, as the College does, connect hundreds of students and staff at once. The capabilities of the network are infinite and Olds residents and businesses along with Olds College can expand with no limitations.

  • The relationship between Olds College and 4-H was established early on in the life of both institutions. The first 4-H Club in Canada was established in Roland, Manitoba in 1913, the same year that Olds College first opened its doors. The first Albertan 4-H club was founded in 1917, by Olds College founder Mr. W. J. Elliot, on the Olds College. Campus. The partnership between Olds College and 4-H has developed naturally on a basis of common goals and values.

    The shared commitment to developing technical skills, leadership in rural communities, fostering of entrepreneurial skills, and high level communication and teamwork skills, while following the 4-H motto, “learn to do by doing” has resulted in long term success for both institutions, and a partnership that has included co-promoting dozens of events, and consistently working together to ensure that rural Albertan youth have the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • The Pomeroy Inn & Suites is one of the fastest growing hospitality companies in Western Canada. It’s been two years since the official partnership was announced. Olds College welcomed the community of Olds and our campus community to join together in celebration for the opening of the Pomeroy Inn & Suites at Olds College in July of 2013.

    This four star hotel and conference centre will boast first-rate food services and commercial kitchen, will serve the many visitors in the growing community of Olds, and double as the learning centre for the Canadian Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship (CIRE). This multi-million dollar facility has been integrated into the academic programming by housing the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Diploma.


    “He’s not an Olds College alumnus, but in so many ways he might as well be,” notes Olds College President, Dr. Tom Thompson. “It is rare in giving and philanthropy that a donation is given to use without restrictions, even more rare, for it to happen twice.” Barry Mehr, Chair, Board of Governors, states adding, “It’s very flattering that he trusts in the governing capacity and wisdom of our Board and administration. ‘Thanks’ is simply not enough to express the gratitude and extent of this gift.”

    Jack unquestionably has the College’s best interest in mind explaining the intent of his gift. “I was very impressed with what was offered here [Olds College]. Money is easier to raise in Calgary. Olds is a good school and it would be of more benefit to them than it would be to somebody in Calgary.” To be the recipient of Partner of the Year, a nominee must reflect the mission of Olds College and support the values, mandate and mission in a manner that has a positive, measurable and lasting impact on the College.<

    When Olds College asked Mr. Anderson if he would accept the award as Partner of the Year, he humbly responded “I guess that would be fine. ”News of Jack Anderson’s $2 million vintage car and truck donation generated national, international and local headlines stretching as far as Toronto and New York City and has been mentioned on countless auto and financial websites extending as far as Germany.


  • Olds College was the grateful recipient of substantial investment from multiple departments and granting bodies of the Federal Government throughout 2009 and 2010. Nearly $9 Million of support has been invested in the development of the College’s Botanic Garden and Treatment Wetlands, to assist facility maintenance and upgrading and to fuel applied research efforts in the last several months alone. “One of the things we are really keen to do is something that perhaps others might take for granted in dealing with the government, and that is to simply say thank you,” said Mehr.

    Furthering this synergy, added Mehr, is the fact that the Federal Government has designated 2011 as the “Year of the Entrepreneur,” calling on the private sector – particularly small-and-medium sized businesses – to “lead the charge.” In December 2010, Olds College announced its intentions to play a key role in such development by launching the Canadian Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship.

  • "We are especially pleased to name the Heavy Equipment Industry our 2010 Partner of the Year;" says Dr. Tom Thompson, President of Olds College. "In addition to the industry's contribution of millions of dollars in equipment and cash donations in any given year, the connection between their employment needs and the real-life, hands-on learning offered by Olds College couldn't be more clear and direct."

    Following an inquiry from a local construction company who needed operator training, Olds College began its first Heavy Equipment Operator program in February, 2007. Since that time, the College has prepared a continuously steady stream of students for industry careers. Fruitful partnerships have been forged with dozens of industry organizations and companies, with specialized courses being created for diverse groups such as Metis organizations and women-specific training programs. College staff, faculty and industry partners concur: An amazing amount of synergy has developed in a very short period of time and it promises to grow exponentially in the years to come.

    Wendy Walls, a respected member of the Heavy Equipment Industry, has signed on as volunteer Chair of the Gala event. Co-owner of Red Deer's Border Paving, Walls has a long track record of community voluntarism and governance leadership, including terms as Chair of the United Way (Red Deer), the YMCA, the Red Deer College Foundation board and the first-ever female President of the Red Deer Golf and Country Club.

  • For 2009, the Olds College Board of Governors has approved a pluralistic or somewhat abstract concept that does not succinctly fit into “individual, corporation or not for profit.” The Partner of the Year will celebrate the Olds College alumni as a collective or at large group. There are approximately 22,000 Olds College alumni, living and deceased over the 96 year heritage of Olds College.

    While this Partner of the Year “Olds College Alumni – 22,000 Strong” was approved by the vote, there was a contingency of the board that “didn’t get it”? There was actually a recorded vote as the Board endorsed the concept on a “leap of faith” in Administration/Advancement and, in a rarity, it was not unanimous.

  • Almost a century of collaboration for the benefit of students and the province is just one of the reasons Olds College is proud to name the University of Alberta its Partner of the Year for 2008.

    The most visible facets of the partnership between the U of A and Olds College are the agreements that enable students to transfer credits between the two schools. Over the years many students have completed Olds College diplomas before continuing their education, sometimes to the doctorate level, at the U of A. The University is also a vital partner in the Community Learning Campus (CLC), a visionary project that will enhance rural development and access to education.

    Research and teaching agreements have also ensured collaborative use of research facilities at Olds College by University of Alberta researchers, and involvement of University of Alberta faculty in teaching Olds College courses.

    Like most strong relationships the connection between the University and Olds College is vibrant and growing. Plans for the future include expanding the joint research capacity of the schools in value-added agri-food, providing access to U of A Science programs in Olds, and more.

  • The Calgary Exhibition & Stampede helped Olds College celebrate a significant achievement – the first new campus since Olds College’s founding in 1913.

    The history of Olds College and the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede has been intertwined since the two organizations began. Each is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of agriculture, or learning, and of the rural experience. Together the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede and Olds College have paved an undeniable historical legacy – a legacy built on a pioneering spirit which continues today at the Olds College Calgary Campus.

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