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What is the Olds College Smart Farm?

In the summer of 2018, Olds College launched the Olds College Smart Farm, an exciting initiative that is transforming the College’s existing farm into a farm of the future. By incorporating the latest technologies aimed at improving productivity, while efficiently and sustainably using resources, the Smart Farm is creating a cutting-edge learning environment for students and life-long learners.

A living lab for hands-on learning, it is a place for innovation, validation, demonstration and scaling of smart connected agriculture technology through industry partnerships.

The Smart Farm is incorporating farm management software platforms that gather, store, and visualize production and management data, while utilizing data analytics and machine learning to turn data into information and information into knowledge. Techgronomists on the Smart Farm team, use the technologies to analyze data gathered to make evidence-based decisions to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability.

The Smart Farm creates a place for producers, industry partners, students and faculty to look at the opportunities and challenges facing the agriculture industry and investigate solutions to evolve agriculture practices. 

Features of the Smart Farm encompass installing new technologies, including stationary soil monitors, digital weather stations, wireless grain bin sensors, a wireless mesh network that provides Wi-Fi to the entire farm, and rural narrowband connectivity to ensure high-quality internet.

Current Smart Farm Projects

  • Corn GrazingGetting the most out of the feed source before it begins losing nutrient value due to frost or crop degradation.

  • Decision Support Platform ComparisonComparing software platforms to provide a comprehensive analysis of capabilities, functionalities and end-use of the products.

  • Multi-Sensor ClusterComparing the accuracy of sensors to allow farmers to determine cost and benefit of adding technology to the farm.

  • Purpose-Built NetworkConnecting the Farm to demonstrate the connection of multiple sensors into one platform for farmers to find their data.

  • Field to GlassOlds College Brewery is creating a fully transparent and traceable beer using malt barley grown on the Smart Farm.

  • Regenerative Agriculture ProjectImprove the plant matter and feeding capability to allow for greater feeding times in pasture.

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Smart Farm Phase One ArcGIS StoryMaps

One of the tools that we use on the Smart Farm is ArcGIS, a mapping and analytics platform. Using the StoryMaps feature, we have created a story of the Olds College Smart Farm phase one. This project was made with funding support from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation (AREF).

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Smart Ag Innovation Centre

To properly analyze data, plan for future growing seasons, and collaborate with students, industry partners, and producers, the College required a dedicated space in which stakeholders can meet and data can be processed. This space was created within the former President’s House and has been named the Olds College Smart Ag Innovation Centre (SAIC). The new facility includes a number of elements that are designed to contribute to the academic excellence of students, bolster applied research, decrease the environmental footprint of the Smart Farm, and be an industry leader in Smart Agriculture.

Smart Ag Innovation Centre

Hands-On, High-Tech Learning | Ag-Tech Programs

At Olds College we see agriculture technology as intervention by design. Technology uses intellectual and practical resources to create technological outcomes, which expand agricultural possibilities by addressing needs and realizing opportunities that have not been seen before. With a focus on design thinking we support our students to be innovative, reflective and critical in designing new models, products, software, systems and tools to benefit agricultural production and business outcomes, while taking account their impact on cultural, ethical, environmental and economic conditions.

As a student in the Agriculture Technology programs, you will have access to the Olds College Smart Farm, a giant lab that gives our ag tech students a competitive advantage, and sets us apart from any other program offered in Canada. The Smart Farm ensures students have access to new and innovative technologies in a real-world ag environment.

Grey Ag-Tech Icon Agriculture Technology Integration Post-Diploma Certificate

Designed for students who already have a diploma, degree or journey-person certification in a related field, such as mechanics, agriculture, land, environment, technology or engineering. The new Agriculture Technology Integration Post-Diploma Certificate will provide you with an understanding of how related technologies interact to provide accurate information and real-time monitoring data to the agriculture producer. Learn to link emerging technologies with existing farm infrastructure to enable producers to maximize their time in the field. 

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Grey Ag-Tech Icon Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy Diploma

The Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy program is an exciting NEW diploma focused on agronomy and technology. Graduates from the Diploma in Precision Agriculture - Techgronomy will be prepared for careers that require a deep understanding of the connectedness between agronomy, agriculture machinery/purpose built network management, and data sciences.

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