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Learning Resource Centre


The Learning Resource Centre is located in the heart of our campus and is the home to many areas on campus, including: 

Upper Level

Lower Level

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is more than just a library. Located on the upper level of the Learning Resource Centre, the Learning Commons offer lots of free services and resources to help you succeed, including Library, Technology and Learning Centre. 

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Alumni Centre

Opened in 1986, The Alumni Centre hosts functions seating up to 350 people and is a great place for banquets.

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Olds College Faculty Association

Founded in 1968, Olds College Faculty Association was incorporated under the Societies Act in 1972 with 38 charter members. In 1978, when the College became an autonomous, board-governed institution, the Faculty Association's role expanded to include collective bargaining and participation in College governance. Because Faculty serve as a critical link with industry regarding training needs, employer expectations, market developments, and employment opportunities, the Association has the responsibility to influence change in College curricula, policy, and activity.

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Students’ Association of Olds College

The Students' Association of Olds College plays an important role – they represent the student voice on campus by voicing your needs, issues and priorities to Olds College staff, faculty and executive. Students can contact the SAOC if they have questions or would like to learn more about student services such as health insurance, clubs, housing lists, and student board of directors, stop by the SAOC office in room 937 in the Bell e-Learning Centre, call 403.556.4629 or email

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The Crossing

he Crossing is a great place to relax after a long day. Located across from the Students' Association office, The Crossing provides students with a central multi-purpose gathering spot. 

One look at the walls and anyone can see that this space holds true to its name, displaying various railway crossings memorabilia and décor. But that theme goes much deeper, and is incorporated into the very essence of what The Crossing represents – a journey. From the beginning students have viewed the establishments’ name as a metaphor for the crossing of paths. Each and every Olds College student is navigating a unique course that becomes intertwined with their fellow students as they share in the post secondary experience.

Crossing inquiries can be directed to the Student's Association of Olds College.


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Olds College
4500 - 50th Street, Olds, AB.
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