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Alumni Centre

Features: 4000 sq ft banquet facility, accommodates 350 guests & a variety of seating styles, four ceiling mounted projectors and screens are available to rent which ensures easy viewing by all guests in attendance, technologically equipped with appropriate audio/visual components, surround sound and WiFi.



  • Sound System with cordless microphone
  • Stage, built-in bar, tables & chairs

Four-hour Block: $400 | Eight-hour Block: $900

Set-up Fee: $200

Screens/Projectors: $200

Additional Rentals: Additional microphones: $25/each, built in projectors and screens (4): $200, resound fee (dance only): $55.52 (based on venue capacity), SOCAN fee (dance only): $132.39

Music fees are required for all public events where copyrighted music will be played. If a valid SoCan and/or ReSound membership number is not provided the above music fees will be charged as applicable.


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